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Hello, I'm Lily. 

This blog started life as a beauty blog in October 2009, under the name of LilyLipstick. It's since undergone a bit of a metamorphosis and Lillian Zahra (named after my British great-grandmother and my Persian grandmother) is a place where I share snippets of my life, travels, delicious things to eat and other musings. 

Offline, I worked as a corporate lawyer for almost seven years before quitting in favour of sleep and not eating three meals a day at my desk. I can still write a half-decent complaint email and spot a typo at twenty paces. I'm currently training to be a holistic health coach and vowing to make 2019 the year that I finish my yoga teacher training. 

Since starting this blog I've traveled to over twenty-five countries, made the best of friends, run a marathon, set up an Etsy shop, turned vegetarian, moved halfway across the world and taught myself to read Korean. In February 2017, I left Central London for the Dubai desert - my Dubai FAQ is here

What else? I'm an only child, a cat-lover, my favourite food is (veggie) sushi and my drink of choice will always be a G&T. 

[Disclaimer - from January 2019, gifted items will be marked [ad-gifted]. This blog occasionally uses affiliate links to products I love, from which I earn a nominal amount if you click on or purchase the item, at no cost to you. This blog is not my full time occupation (I currently have a 9-5 job for the first time in my working life) but I occasionally receive gifted items or experiences, which will be disclosed as appropriate] 


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