Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Monthly Round-Up: April 2019

A third of the year has already gone by? I meant to sit down and pen a blog post or two many times in April but finally finishing "Killing Commendatore", finishing up at my corporate job, teaching myself how to make macrame plant hangers and, yes, indulging in morning and afternoon naps on each weekend day has meant little time for blogging.

I've also been spending spare moments studying for my holistic health coach course, and I'm working with one of my favourite bloggers/health coaches/all round inspirers, Laura, to launch my own coaching business. I'll be working through her Kickstarter course in May to really focus on the direction I want to take, and also continuing my studies as I can't let my 100% pass rate slip now...

I'm taking a bit of time out from the (don't we wish it was just) 9-5 to delve more into all the little things that have piqued my interest since taking a step back from an all-consuming career path last year. The upcoming time on my hands is also making me consider making a long-contemplated move to Wordpress after over nine years on Blogger...I still find it slightly crazy how typing into this white box and clicking the little orange "Publish" button has been the one constant in my life since 2009!

Here's what April looked like...

1. Breakfast at Myocum - pretty much a weekend staple, I love their matcha lattes, changing weekend specials menu and super friendly vibe.

2. In a rare moment of domesticity, we purchased a food processor and I put it to good use making a batch of maca energy balls (equal amounts dates and almonds with maca powder and cinnamon) which didn't last very long in the fridge.

3. Enjoying the last days of being able to eat outdoors in Dubai with breakfast at Amongst Few.

4. My first macrame plant holder - these are for sale on Etsy and Saffron Souk and I'll be adding lots more soon as our guest bedroom is becoming overrun with my creations. 

5. A pre-summer party at Caesar's Palace on Bluewaters Island with my now former employer! 

6. After finishing Killing Commendatore (and enjoying every page of it's beautifully slow tale), I picked Men Without Women back up for a second attempt - short stories will never really be my thing but I'm enjoying this one on a second attempt. 

7. Lunch at Coya in Abu Dhabi - if you're a vegan/veggie who doesn't like mushrooms then you are missing out on the likes of this shiitake maki.

8. I've been experimenting with making pancakes at home again - these ones might just be my best yet (100g oats, 2 scoops of Vanilla Huel, 2 bananas, 200ml almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon) served on my favourite plate.

9. Another macrame project - a very simple knotted wall hanging. 


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