Monday, 1 April 2019

Monthly Round-Up: March 2019

We're a quarter of the way through 2019. How are everyone's new year goals holding up? If I'm going to hit my reading goal of 52 books in a year I had better get back to Murakami once I've finished writing this...

1. A long-awaited new piercing at Maria Tash in Dubai Mall as a treat to myself for the early repayment of a loan owed to the Bank of Dad. Yes I appreciate the irony of celebrating being debt-free by spending more money. I opted for a tiny paisley forward helix, the experience was very pleasant and less than a month later my new piercing has pretty much healed.

2. The weather has been rather mixed for the last month which made for a blustery sea walk and fluffy clouds at sunset beach. I will miss the cooler days and occasional rain once summer truly arrives.

3. Pancake day at L'Eto - this cafe in Fashion Avenue is my new favourite, it's always so busy and while it's not the cheapest, the iced latte served as coffee ice cubes with warm milk is a must-try and something that I now want every single day, despite not really drinking coffee anymore.

4. Lunch at Myocum, one of my regular weekend spots (lots of plant-based options and the staff are so nice). The raw pad Thai salad with tofu wontons was really good, and this cafe does my favourite matcha latte in all of Dubai. My boyfriend declared the warm breakfast bowl with poached eggs and chorizo to be the "best breakfast ever" too.

5. Brunch (the all-afternoon Dubai variety) at All'onda at the Kempinski Emerald Palace Hotel. The views of the Palm are amazing and the Japanese/Italian fusion cuisine was delicious. I graciously let my boyfriend eat all the meat dishes and I loved the spicy bloody Mary, sweet potato maki rolls and truffle arancini balls. [Disclosure - PR invite]

6. Art night in DIFC - I missed the evening itself as haven't really kept pace with what's been going on in Dubai recently but snapped these flamingos while on an afternoon "buying a matcha latte" excursion.

7. I finally got my haircut (at Y-12 in DIFC) and, for the first time in nearly two years, it feels like I have my actual hair back after losing around a third of it in my first few months in Dubai. Crediting the regrowth on hair vitamins (just Holland and Barratt's own brand), one tub of collagen powder which I didn't repurchase as it isn't vegan-friendly, lots of yoga and no longer doing a job I despise.

8. A long weekend in Beirut to end the month, mostly spent walking around and petting cats. My three-day itinerary will be up soon.

9. Out on a school night to celebrate four years of La Cantine (one of my favourite evening haunts). The theme was "rock chic" if you cannot tell from my pose/outfit. After a long time of feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera I'm finally starting to feel a bit better about how I look and being photographed again - you might see a bit more of "me" on my own Instagram if this continues...

How was your March?

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