Thursday, 28 March 2019

Reading List: March 2019

A slightly slower month on the reading front but here are my reads from March...

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Everything Under, Daisy Johnson

I finished this at the beginning of March. It turned out to be much more of a complex book than I imagined, with multiple themes, a dash of mysticism and a pervading sense of darkness throughout. It's not the easiest read, both in writing style and subject matter, but it was a rewarding one. Very much looking forward to discussing this at my book club.

American Like Me, America Ferrera 

A collection of essays compiled and contributed to by America Ferrera which delves into the experience of life between cultures in modern day America. The range of essayists is as diverse as the subject matters covered - political activists, actors, writers, athletes and models delve into what it means being American today by way of long-form essays, short anecdotes, jovial recollections of childhood and deeper ruminations on culture, race and politics. As a bi-cultural person myself, I related to more than a few of the anecdotes, challenges but also the joys in growing up between two cultures and given the current political situation in the US, this book feels deeply relevant right now to everyone.

Killing Commendatore, Haruki Murakami 

I'm at the halfway point! I'm still making progress on this and reading a chapter before I go to sleep each night really helps me wind down in the evenings. I'm enjoying the slow pace of this one and the welcome return of some of Murakami's themes (but with enough novelty to make this not feel like a re-read of his earlier works) and I'd be happy for it to never end.

A Knight in the Seven Kingdoms, George RR Martin

I started reading this book last year but only got one chapter in. I found this on my bookshelf after finishing American Like Me and needing something to throw in my bag for lunch breaks and while waiting for appointments (I can never not be reading something) and am going to give it another go. I read (and LOVED) the original Game of Thrones novels back in 2016 so I'm looking forward to delving back into this world ahead of the final TV series being released.

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What have you been reading this month?


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