Friday, 1 March 2019

Monthly Round-Up: February 2019

The shortest month of the year is over, spending a week in the middle of the month in the Seychelles made it feel shorter still. My blog to-do list has got longer this month as I've still got a chunk of blog admin to get through after changing my blog's name earlier this year, as well as a lot of half-written posts in my drafts. I hope to have this all sorted soon but thanks for stopping by during this somewhat transitional phase.

February looked like this:

seychelles holiday

1. Acai bowls for lunch in DIFC. The (prescription) sunglasses in this shot later fell victim to the sea in the Seychelles. 

2. Practicing a new yoga pose - I've been working on my core and upper body strength through Pilates classes and gym work and it's really made a difference to my yoga. I'm not a huge gym fan but I'm only there so that I can one day do a flawless chaturanga.

3. The beautiful Beau Vallon beach in the Seychelles. Possibly my favourite holiday ever.

4. The view from our Airbnb in Machabee.

5. There was a conspicuous absence of hipster coffee shops / Instagrammable breakfast spots in the Seychelles so I made our daily breakfast of bircher oats and fresh tropical fruits.

6. When you find the most beautiful beach on your last day.

7. Back in Dubai and after collecting out suitcases our first stop was Menangerie for a very late lunch. The Seychelles isn't the most foodie of destinations and I really missed eating a giant salad everyday.

8. My friends came to visit for the last weekend of February and requested a trip to the desert for an afternoon riding horses (I always go to these stables). They donned their own riding boots and cantered off in a haze of sand while I plodded along on Jai and got some good photos.

9. A final Seychelles shot - I have a post lined up on how to budget for a week in paradise, the Seychelles isn't really a purse friendly destination but I think we made it work without bankrupting ourselves (it's lucky I don't drink five Diet Cokes a day anymore as they were EUR4 each!). 

How was your February? 

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