Saturday, 19 January 2019

The Story of a New Name

After over 9(!) years blogging as LilyLipstick, it's time for a change...

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Last year I somewhat abandoned this corner of the internet, feeling lost in all the noise - was blogging dying? Was it already dead? I no longer wanted to post about my outfits, having not shopped since 2017, my (former) love for fashion has not translated to an interest in interiors and huge shifts in my offline life meant that I often found myself sitting in front of an empty white box on Blogger with too many thoughts and yet no words to express them properly.

Rather than continuing to blog under a name I came up with in my student bedroom in 2009, I'll now be Lillian Zahra on all my social media platforms (Lillian is my British great grandmother's name and Zahra is my Iranian grandmother's name). It already feels so good to not be cringing slightly as a 31 year old woman posting as "LilyLipstick" (although we went on some adventures, confused my local Royal Mail sorting office in the early blogging days and got quoted by The Guardian...).

This year I want to really tap back in to my creativity and post regularly again. I'll still be sharing snippets of what I've eaten, my travels and what I'm reading and I'll definitely do another money diary soon (partly to try to further reign in my spending). Super excitingly, I've enrolled with IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, to become a holistic health coach so I'll also be sharing my journey and the start of a new chapter. 

I hope you'll stick around (I promise I'll never be preachy or become a health bore!), here's to another 9 years! 

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  1. Oh, HERE you are! I was worried when I couldn't find your old blog and so I turned to Twitter for help. I love the new name and look forward to reading your brilliant blog for many years to come x

    1. Thank you, Rosie! I have wanted to make the change for a LONG time but was worried about losing readers as a result - glad you still found me! x


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