Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Reading List: January 2019

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Kicking off this year's reading with a few good ones - I struggled my way through a few books at the end of 2018 so it's been such a joy to read books that I've looked forward to working my way through, and have felt sad when they've been over.

The first two were chosen by my bookclub, Dubai Bibliophiles and the third was discovered by way of a Refinery 29 Money Diarist.

Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari - my first read of 2019 was a non-fiction book which isn't my usual preferred way to relax, but I loved Sapiens. It's a whistle-stop tour through the entire history of humankind and every few pages I felt like I either learned something new or had an anecdote to retell in an imaginary future conversation. The writing style is very accessible, although sometimes feels a little patronising but I can forgive that for the breadth of the topic at hand and the easy, conversational flow of the book.

Less, Andrew Sean Greer - I was slightly dreading reading a Pulitzer Prize winner - sometimes the words "winner of the [x] prize" result in me struggling through a book, re-reading paragraphs and contemplating giving up but Less was not such a book. Arthur Less is a comically tragic character, and as I joined him on a round-the-world journey to avoid a wedding I went from asking "why should I care about this character?" to feeling deep sympathy for a man who, like us all, just wants to be loved. Beautifully written, at times very funny and one that I read in under a week and in all my spare moments which is exactly what I want from a novel.

Killing Commendatore, Murakami - I haven't bought a hardback book since Murakami's "Men Without Women" which I struggled with and left unfinished (somewhat forgivable as it's a book of short stories) but I am so excited to get my hands on a proper novel from one of my favourite authors. I haven't got more than a few pages in to this one yet, so I'll revisit it in next month's post - I hope it's one I love, lend to fellow book lovers, and one day re-read.

What have you read in January? 

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