Thursday, 1 November 2018

October Round Up

October has been a good month. I spent nearly two weeks back in London, a mix of showing my boyfriend around the small town I grew up in, catching up with friends in bars where you wait in line and carry your own drink to the table, walking several miles each day just because it feels good to and lots of long-awaited reunions.

In Dubai, the lowering temperatures have been accompanied by simple joys - the first dinner on the balcony, being able to hold a conversation while changing lanes on a seven-lane motorway, spending a Friday afternoon hunting down a carving pumpkin and venturing in to the weights room at the gym for the first time. Life feels slow and simple in the best way possible.

October looked like this:

1. Walking through our very own One Hundred Acre Wood - greenery! Fresh air! Being outside! (It's been a lonnnng summer in Dubai).

2. Breakfast at Shoreditch Grind when it wasn't quite warm enough for an acai bowl but I wanted one anyway.

3. Exploring the Barbican Conservatory on a Sunday. 

4. A slightly changed view from my Barbican flat (my tenant moved out the weekend we flew back to London - I think I am now cashing in on some well-earned good karma).

5. After a year of growing my hair I got five inches lopped off (at Pimps and Pinups in Spitalfields) in an effort to make it feel thicker and healthier. No regrets. 

6. The Welwyn Garden City fountain turned pink for October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

7. Back in Dubai and revisiting an old favourite, Comptoir 102, for breakfast. The chilled cafe and accompanying shop are a must-visit if you're looking for a healthy but tasty alternative to this city's obsession with buffets and chocolate fountains... 

8. An evening at Ninive, a really beautiful and unique venue in DIFC which has re-opened for the cooler months. 

9. A matcha latte at Menagerie in Mirdif. I stopped drinking coffee a few months back, helping my anxiety and bank balance in the process, but because obsessed with matcha lattes when back in London.

How was your October?



  1. Sounds like a lovely month, Lily. I love that pink waterfall! My October has been pretty quiet too, apart from the odd catch-up with old mates, celebrating my mum and nephew's birthdays and a couple of gigs but that's all good with me x

  2. That sounds like a perfect month! x

  3. Sounds like a lovely month- love the hair!
    It's so weird seeing the fountain on your blog- I run past it all the time! It was blue earlier in the year for the NHS birthday too :)

  4. Again, fully jealous of your cosmopolitan life and amazing foodie finds.
    Glad it's a bit cooler now!


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