Sunday, 1 July 2018

June Round-up

June involved returning from Bali, grasping at (bamboo) straws trying to create Bali vibes back home in Dubai and planning for a trip to Hong Kong next month. It has also involved a lot of pictures of breakfast because it's really hot outside.

1. Catching up on my reading - I shared some recent reads here.

2. I've started making smoothie bowls and as someone who a) needs more nutrients and b) only really enjoys "pretty" foods they are perfect.

3. During Ramadan, brunch at home became a regular fixture (as restaurants are closed or screened off during the day). Sourdough topped with avocado and halloumi to start the weekend.

4. Putting my spirulina to good use with a chia pudding / smoothie combo, inspired by the best Bali breakfasts.

5. Dinner at Hotel Cartegena - a newly opened Latin American, jungle-themed restaurant on the 72nd floor of the JW Marriott Marquis. The food was as good as the decor and I am very keen to return.

6. A first attempt at making poached eggs and they were excellent.

7. Breakfast at Jolie Floral Cafe - it's the prettiest cafe ever (happy me) and the food is amazing (happy boyfriend), full review here.

8. Another day another smoothie bowl.

9. Breakfast at The Sum of Us - I'm sure they change their avocado on toast every time I have it? This version came with ricotta and chilli flakes.

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How was your June?
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