Friday, 22 June 2018

Wishlist: Sweet Summer

You would think that living in Dubai would mean that my summer wardrobe is good to go. I actually wear more black than I did living in London and the enthusiastic air-conditioning and sometimes hard to navigate dress code means that I frequently find myself wearing long sleeves on a 40 degree day.

I'm off to Hong Kong in July which will be hot and humid and, unlike my recent trip to Bali, a beach dress over a bikini will not be acceptable day-to-night attire.

I usually travel in a Joanie tee and leggings - their t-shirts are super soft and comfortable, this "veggie breakfast club" one is too cute. I spent all of my Bali trip wishing I had packed a paid of denim shorts - these H&M ones are cheap and cheerful as I won't get a lot of wear out of them in Dubai... Suncream is an essential in the city, too - I recently started using Glossier's Invisible Shield which is about as pleasant to use as suncream can be.

Birkenstocks are my go-to for sandals I can walk around all day in without complaining that my feet hurt - these gold ones are currently high up on my shoes-I-want list. A cute H&M scalloped edge top for pairing with shorts on holiday and trousers back home. Dresses are still my most worn - these two (black print, red print) from Oasis are the right mix of "city" and "summer" and will work for day and night. Finally, it wouldn't be Summer '18 without an impractical straw bag - this one reflects one of my favourite emails to type up.


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