Friday, 1 June 2018

Life: May Round-Up

Another monthly round-up, put together a week early as I'll be in Bali when this goes live - a year-in-the-planning trip with Hannah to visit her sister in Canngu, one which I rather pro-actively invited my boyfriend on on our third date and yet here I am some 12 hours before Googling "plug type in Bali". Two round pins if you were wondering.

Here's May in Dubai:

1. A double-date brunch at Bubbalicious. They had a conveyor-belt of desserts which I managed to photograph and then spent too much time chatting and sipping frozen margaritas and suddenly all the food was being packed away and we were being asked to leave (because it was closing time not because of over consumption of margs).

2. I tried to start running again but its really a little too hot.

3. My friend turned Instagram-husband in Dubai Miracle Gardens. It was very hot.

4. Ticking off two firsts - a trip to Fujairah on the Indian Ocean coast and my first scuba dive. I was quite terrified but it was really quite magical - both in a slow-motion, underwater, we-saw-a-giant-turtle way and also for doing something that I never thought I would or could do.

5. A bookclub meeting to discuss Outline by Rachel Cusk. I found the book a little meh but love my book group (Dubai Bibliophiles) for being as interesting as what we read (and sometimes more so!).

6. It's Ramadan so May involved attending three Iftars (a meal at sunset to break the fast). This one was at the Armani hotel. Part of my new job involves organising corporate events for those of you worrying about my bank balance or if I'm suffering from intense lifestyle creep.

7. Lunch in Abu Dhabi at Cafe Milano - that business lunch life (highly recommend checking out weekday business lunch menus if you're visiting and want to try a high end restaurant without a crazy bill).

8. Another trip to Abu Dhabi for another Iftar - this time in the floating suite at the St Regis.

9. The dessert room at the St Regis' Iftar, pre-sunset version.

How was your May?


  1. Ummm a dessert conveyor belt?! SAY WHAT.
    Your photos are always so beautiful and dreamy. *sighs*

  2. Sounds like you got up to some fun things last month. Hope you have fun in Bali!

  3. Sounds like a fab month! Loved your bali snaps on Insta - hope you had a great time x

  4. What a great-sounding May! Mine consisted of a glorious week in Italy and All points East festival in East London where I finally got to see my all-time heroine, Karen O. She was awesome as always x

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