Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Breakfast In Bali: Canggu Cafe Culture

The breakfast offerings in Canggu are amazing, as a breakfast lover I couldn't have been happier.  Here are four cafes to start your day the right way:


Our first Bali breakfast was at Crate and we loved it so much we returned a couple of days later. Not a place to sit and linger but a top spot for people watching, good music and sitting at a big sharing table with people far cooler than you are. Portions are generous and you can sip your coffee (from a fresh bamboo straw, natch) while looking out over rice fields. My blue chia pudding might have meant that my Bali breakfasts peaked on day one, but the smoothie bowl I had on my second visit was delicious, too. My boyfriend requested a return visit specifically to order the chorizo toastie, when not in Dubai... Arrive early and tag-team to find a table while queuing and perusing the extensive menu board - this place gets busy.

crate cafe canggu

crate cafe canggu


After seeing Hannah's Instagram snap, we headed to Betulnut for a later breakfast and grabbed a seat on the upper level. The breakfast menu all looked delicious but I hadn't had avocado toast for four days so had to try Betulnut's version, which turned out to my my one and only avocado on toast in Bali. Service was a little slow (my dish arrived long after my boyfriend had finished his) but we're a long way from Dubai and weren't exactly in a rush...also, it's Bali, chill pls. The avocado on toast was worth the wait and the cafe was a lovely spot to escape the sun and plan our next few days of adventures.

betulnut canggu

The Shady Shack

An all-outdoor cafe, The Shady Shack lives up to its name - it doesn't get much more relaxed than eating breakfast in a green oasis. The menu is entirely vegetarian which is a dream for someone who usually has their pick of a maximum of three options. We started with smoothies sipped through fresh bamboo straws, much-needed after a strenuous morning of surfing / watching surfing. One halloumi breakfast and one superfood salad made for the perfect late breakfast - I wish we could have had time to make a second trip here, the takeaway counter and small shop is worth checking out, too.

the shady shack canggu

the shady shack canggu

Oka's Bakery

Our final breakfast in Bali - a few minutes from our Airbnb, and recommended by our host, was at Oka's Bakery. I had my final smoothie bowl and it was an epic one - a creamy avocado smoothie topped with granola, coconut and fresh fruit.  Fun fact but I usually don't like or eat fruit - it somehow tasted so much better in Bali and cool smoothie bowls appealed more than my usual avocado toast. The bakery sells a range of vegan and / or gluten free treats - every item lists all its ingredients which is so helpful, we picked up some vegan cookies and energy balls for the journey home.

okas bakery canggu



  1. These look incredible! Especially loving that blue chai pudding - yum


  2. Okay I have not had a fancy brunch in way too long, all these look amazing!

  3. My god all the colourful healthy looking food! Looks amazing. Part of me is sad I never made it to Bali - but I know it was the right decision for me in the end. But the food...damn looks so good.

  4. Those smoothie bowls look delicious- perfect for somewhere hot.


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