Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Bali Day Tripping: Three Day Trips From Canggu

Exploring Bali isn't the easiest - party because the traffic is awful (a 15km journey from the airport to Canggu taking two hours) and partly because the temptation to just relax and do nothing is too strong.

We managed a few day trips which were well worth the traffic, the ferries and the earlier starts to see a little bit more of the island. Huge thanks to Agus, Helen and Hannah for the driving, logistics, local knowledge and itinerary planning!

1. Uluwatu

In the south of Bali, the Uluwatu Temple was our first stop. Situated on the side of a cliff, the views are incredible. The temple grounds are resident to a group of monkeys which did not bother us on our visit, maybe take your sunglasses just in case.

The beaches have some of the best waves in Bali and are a popular spot with surfers. Grab a table at Single Fin to watch the surf and the sunset.

how to spend a day in bali

We stopped by Jimbaran fish market on the way home for a fish feast - picking out the fish from the market and eating them freshly barbecued was fun, if a little out of my comfort zone (I'm technically pescatarian but prefer my fish in bite-sized sushi portions). The stray cat that took up residence under my chair had never eaten so well in its life.

how to spend a day in bali

2. Nusa Lembongan

An island off of the Bali mainland, Nusa Lembongan is worth the ferry ride to an almost-paradise island. We started with a boat trip, jumping off twice to snorkel and see the coral. The water was so clear and the reef was abundant with sea life - I'm still amazed that I can even put my head in the water after years of being terrified.

how to spend a day in bali

After the boat, it was straight onto the back of scooters to rattle around the island and over the narrow bridge connecting Nusa Lembongan with Nusa Penida. Next adventure - the zip line! Less scary than it looks and I amused myself and my Bali gang by volunteering to go first.

Last stop was Le Pirate beach club for lunch and a celebratory gin for surviving various modes of transport.

how to spend a day in bali

3. Potato Head

One of my favourite days of our Bali trip - Potato Head beach club was the perfect location for doing not much all, but stylishly so.

potato head beach club

We arrived before the 10am opening time to reserve a day bed and alternated between dips in the pool, wanders on the beach, napping and reading. The food was great and the soundtrack and vibe was chilled. Try the fresh coconuts by day and the Potato Head Bloody Mary by night made with local arak, if you're feeling brave...

potato head beach club


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