Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Life: April Round-up

Another month over. I am writing this with a cat clambering over my MacBook keyboard (not mine - her humans are currently in Egypt) so will keep the typing short but April has been really good. It has quite possibly been my most social month since I moved to the desert and I have a lot of posts in my drafts to give y'all a little life update but I am keen to get back to trilling "kittie kittie kittie" and enjoying cat cuddles so here was April, Instagrammed:

1. Having friends in town was the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon in the desert, the red sands and sunset were beautiful and another Emirate, Sharjah, was ticked off.

2. An early-April trip to London and a wedding in Bath meant staying at the cutest Airbnb I have ever seen.

3. I started my new job and on the first day we went for lunch at Peyote - I had avocado tacos for main and an avocado lollipop for dessert.

4. The Avocado Club (erm, where is my membership card?) at one of my favourite Dubai cafes, Comptoir 102.

5. An eerie, grey skies sort of day. This is the view from my office, no big deal.

6. Drinks at Mina Brasserie in DIFC, an evening at work looks a little different these days...

7. I finally made it to Ailuromania, Dubai's cat cafe, to get some kittie practice in before hosting my feline house guest.

8. Fluffy clouds at Jumeriah Al Naseem for my firm's end of year beach party (casual), one of the most beautiful hotels in Dubai and we have a few nice ones...

9. Effie the cat just chilling out on a Friday morning - she's a Persian-mix (like me) and enjoys being brushed, eating yogurt off a spoon and afternoon naps.

How was your April?


  1. You have an avocado problem! Haha. Sounds like you got up to some fun things in April. Here's to May!

  2. I literally love your life. It's so cosmopolitan and fun. But avocado lollipop...so strange haha.

  3. Sounds like a blinding month! Effie is adorable! My April consisted of catch-ups with old mates, mother/daughter lunch dates, 30th and 75th birthday outings; games nights and a Shame gig and I'm off to Sorrento next week! x

  4. All the avocado! Sounding good!


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