Sunday, 1 April 2018

Life: March Round-up

Well, this one was eventful. Some things that happened: I moved apartments, went to Hong Kong, billed my last billable hour as a corporate lawyer, had a visit from my friend F which encompassed barre and bars, hosted my parents in said new apartment, met one of my aunties and my cousin for the first time ever (that multicultural life) and marked eight whole months since my first date with a certain boy. I'm happiest when I simultaneously have at least twenty things on my to do list, a G&T in hand and new and old friends with which to share stories. Almost enough to distract me from y'know, a slight career re-direction and the not small epiphany that I've (finally, really this time) reached actual adulthood and that I'm more than okay about that.

March, when photographed, looked like this:

1. Yes, this is just a Pret coffee but I am enjoying having a taste of "home", even if the prices are a little too "Dubai".

2. Lauren and I went to Hong Kong and took in this magnificent view from the top of the Peak.

3. I broke out my old ~fashion blogger poses in front of a pink wall.

4. My first visit to Macau and there were lots of tourists but I didn't photoshop them out of my pictures.

5. I could eat Baker and Spice's avocado on toast every day - its the best.

6. Happy Hour at Weslodge for cucumber gimlets, good views and good tunes.

7. Someone needed to sample the dessert menu at Mina Brasserie and the s'mores bar was almost worth the inevitable sugar crash.

8. Spent my last few hours as a lawyer taking part in a slightly-more-challenging-than-anticipated beach olympics and not falling off a paddle-board.

9. Turns out that one of my favourite bars, La Serre, does a great breakfast, too. I had an acai bowl and lots of coffee.

April includes a trip to the UK, one wedding, one new job and...yes, that's probably enough really.



  1. Ohhhh such an exciting month! And good luck to the next chapter of your life!

  2. Ah March sounded amazing! Hope the new job goes well! x

  3. Wow lots of stuff going on.
    Acai bowls are the BEST!

  4. Congratulations on the new job and apartment! Big changes :) And congrats on the 8 months, lovely to hear how happy you are.

  5. Ooh, your new job sounds intriguing! Are you going to spill the beans? My March consisted of turning 34, a stay at a dog-friendly hotel near Rutland Water and catch ups with old friends. Enjoy your April x


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