Monday, 23 April 2018

Dubai: 3 Things To Do Before Summer Hits

Growing up in London, I lived for the summer. Living in Dubai, "summer" is a flip-reverse where we stay in rather than go out, when visitors suddenly seem less keen to visit their friends living aboard, when the city is eerily quiet after being invaded by small children during Easter and Half Term and - how could I forget to mention - the temperature nears 50 degrees on a daily basis. Yep.

I'm almost looking forward to the sofa and the Game of Thrones boxset I still haven't watched, but until October rolls around and the outdoors becomes pleasant again, this is how I've been making the most of the last few weeks of more civilised temperatures:

1. Breakfast outdoors

Eating outdoors is nice until it gets just that little bit too warm and getting up from your chair comes with a three second moment of have-I-wet-myself horror. Dubai is less glam than you think sometimes. I had breakfast outside at Eggspectation which had been on my list for a while, there isn't any avocado on toast on the menu but I had to order the "bravocado" variation on eggs benedict.

2. Yoga at The Beach

The Beach holds free morning yoga classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 7am. Granted the teacher didn't turn up to the one I attended  but we improvised and taught each other some flows and enjoyed the serene quiet of being by the sea early in the morning. The classes run until mid-May.

3. Stand-up paddle boarding

I started 2018 with a stand-up paddle (SUP) class and was desperate to do it again as, despite my purported fear of water, I loved it. Having friends in town was the perfect opportunity to spend an afternoon on the water, this time with Ignite Surface at Riva Beach Club on the Palm which has the advantage of calmer waters. Yoga poses optional.

My optimistic goals for the "indoor months":

- get back on track with my savings and sticking to a weekly budget

- read at least one book each month

- visit the yoga studio in my building 3 times per week (it's downstairs, no excuses)

- sort through and edit down my photos from the last three years

- donate / sell clothes I've not worn since moving to Dubai (hoarder for life)

- plan adventures for the cooler months to visit Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi

- learn how to say "no" (in a good way)

A reminder of some summer survival apps that were invaluable last year is here.

See you outdoors in October!


  1. Those yoga classes sound great!

  2. Summer is also my indoor season but man 50 degrees is next level!

  3. Good pre summer goals to have! Good Luck. I'm heading back to Dubai in October, so I'm tempted to get an outdoor yoga class!


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