Saturday, 10 February 2018

Life: Taking Stock - Dubai Edition

Today marks one year since I hopped on a one-way flight from London to Dubai. And what a year it has been. I thought I'd re-visit this "taking stock" post from 2014 to commemorate my one year "Dubai-versary" as I've already re-visited 2017, shared what I've "learned" and put together an FAQ of sorts.

Shameless use of Instagram Stories' filters.
Making :: Plans for one of the last "cooler' months.
Cooking :: I haven't cooked since I moved to Dubai. I make a good cocktail, though.
Drinking :: Water. Desert life is dehydrating and it's not gin o'clock yet.
Reading :: The Girls by Emma Cline. Halfway through and I love it.
Wanting :: To stop worrying about things that haven't / maybe won't ever happen.
Looking :: Like I near a haircut, can confirm an avocado-rich diet will work wonders.
Playing :: With my accidental "stacking rings" which I cannot get off my finger.
Deciding :: Whether a bubble tea is a reasonable Deliveroo order.
Wishing :: That this pleasant February temperature could stick around for the rest of the year.
Enjoying :: That life looks very different from this time last year and that it's all the better for it.
Waiting :: For my first Namshi (Dubai's sort-of ASOS) order to arrive.
Liking :: All of your Instagram photos that the algorithm shows me.
Wondering :: How I ever used to stay awake beyond midnight.
Loving :: All the people in my life who make this ride a little easier, who make me laugh and who help me remember that I'm not doing this on my own.
Pondering :: Do I really need a bubble tea? Is it worth 30dhs?
Considering :: An afternoon nap. A habit I scorned in my previous life.
Watching :: I haven't watched TV since it became cool enough to go outside.
Hoping :: For so much, all at once.
Marvelling :: That since moving here I've conquered my fear of water and now enthuse about snorkeling and stand-up paddle-boarding.
Needing :: To Kon-Mari my apartment before I move in...8 days!
Smelling :: My collection of Bath & Body Works candles after an accidental purchase earlier.
Wearing :: A dress purchased in a Madrid market for 5 Euros.
Following :: Instagram accounts of too-cute cafes in Hong Kong for my trip there next month.
Noticing :: A fly that has somehow got in to my apartment.
Knowing :: That everything will be okay.
Thinking :: That Instagram should let you group accounts you follow - the Hong Kong cafes are going to get lost amid the breakfast and slime accounts (life-changing) I follow.
Feeling :: Content and hopeful with just the tiniest sliver of help-what-am-I-doing-what-have-I-done which gets smaller and smaller each day.
Admiring :: My painting skills (evidence).
Sorting :: My wardrobe. It's going if I've not worn it since I moved here. I say.
Buying :: Birkenstocks (these) because I've worn heels once in the last six months.
Getting :: Impatient about things I have no control over.
Disliking :: The above.
Opening :: No post as I don't have a mailbox. Liberating unless someone wants to send me something.
Giggling :: After gin consumption, sometimes before.
Snacking :: The cost of food here does wonders to curb a snacking habit (is bubble tea a snack?).
Coveting :: All of Glossier. Still.
Helping :: In small ways, where I can.
Hearing :: The screech of supercars, where are we again?

Have you taken stock lately?


  1. Eating!? Where is eating ;-)
    Great list. Glad to hear everything is going well. And Hong Kong sounds amazing.


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