Thursday, 1 February 2018

Life: January Round-Up

Oh, January, when you were good you were very very good and when you were bad you were horrid. Our first segment of 2018 is done, though, and this month has definitely seen some pieces fall into place which should make the rest of this year smoother sailing (cryptic I know). As January's go, it's been one of my best - selected and curated highlights below:

1. Seeing in the new year - the light show on the Burj Khalifa, the friendly neighbourhood tallest-building-in-the-world, was incredible. As was falling asleep before half-past midnight, remembering the entire night and contentedly staying in making grilled cheese sandwiches.

2. New year's day was spent stand-up paddle-boarding - we achieved the "stand-up" part and I was left with aching arms and an annoying, all encompassing sense of smugness.

3. Yoga with Adriene's "True" has been a January highlight, I love the idea of doing the same daily videos with hundreds and thousands of people around the world and I've gained so much more than a less-clicky neck.

4. I spotted this lightbulb installation in City Walk and so had to try to track the rest down - I didn't find them all as the clues were quite difficult but I love these types of things regardless (evidence here).

5. I ran the Dubai 10k after a long hiatus from running - not my best time ever but I felt pretty good crossing the finish line and it was lovely to catch-up with the amazing Anna (who had run the full marathon) for an iced Starbucks afterwards.

6. Re-creating one of my first ever Dubai meals (and Instagram photos) at Le Pain Quotidien. A lot has changed in the last year but I still love avocado on toast.

7. Trying out some new coffee pods - Belmio's pods are Nespresso-machine compatible, recyclable and taste great. Pastries on side not optional.

8. What's on my bedside table? My Bando planner for scrawling down thoughts before they have a chance to wake me at 4am, Rupi Kaurs's poetry, Ruby Tandoh's "Do What You Want", Jessica Bennett's "Feminist Fight Club" and a scattering of millennial pink.

9. I hosted my bookclub's latest meeting - we discussed The Power which I loved and others...didn't love so much...! The best books are the ones that spark debate and discussion - I'd love to know what you thought if you've read it.



  1. Ahh January looked great! :) I love that your part of a book club too. I'd love to get involved in something like.There are probably loads about I just need to hunt one down!

  2. Any sort of race in Dubai just sounds crazy to me in that heat- well done!

  3. Sounds like such a fun Jan. Congrats on doing the 10k! I read The Power last year and actually really loved it - more than I thought when I first picked it up.


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