Friday, 5 January 2018

Life: Thoughts For A New Year

A belated happy new year. I always like to let the dust settle a little before I think about the year just started - the first day of January always feels too early and it's all to easy to focus on giving things up, making sweeping changes and being caught up in the "new year, new you" mentality. How many years have I resolved to stop or start doing something only to return to old habits a few days later?

I dislike resolutions as a change can be made whenever we chose - I started running again in the middle of December while working sixteen-hour days and trying to keep a grasp on my still new social circle. I'm glad I didn't wait until now, not just because the Dubai 10k is on the 26th of this month but because I've already got a little bit faster, been sleeping a little bit better and feeling a little bit calmer. 

As much as I'd like to do yoga every day, read a book every week and never touch caffeine / sugar I'm not going to waste mental energy on berating myself for an extra half hour in bed rather than heading to a yoga class, or for my daily iced latte habit. I'm less concerned with labels and limits and on fitting a certain mould, and without much effort I do find that, most days, yes I do some yoga and I rarely want a 4pm Diet Coke and mostly walk right past the box of birthday Krispy Kremes in the office kitchen. The occasional "slip-up" feels less like a digression and more like my life without self-imposed limits and making choices for the moment. 

2018 isn't going to be about big changes (see 2017 for them...) or big birthdays (again...2017), this is a year for the little things, for small tweaks and small shifts in perspective and for every day, even in the smallest way, to be a good one. So, these aren't resolutions but small thoughts for how I can make 2018 the best year:

- make my own rules for my life, my career and my relationships but listen intently to anyone who offers a different perspective or has more experience in any of the above 

- remind myself that I am never going to be younger than now and that the alternative to getting older isn't too great 

- realise that it's ok to turn off my alarm rather than go to a yoga class, or to eat a second slice of bread, to not react to a situation exactly how I would ideally want to or to maybe, sometimes, be a little bit sulky 

- remember that I can only control how I react to situations and have zero control over situations themselves 

- keep on asking questions, keep on asking for help when I need it, keep being kind and nice and silly and never let this world make me bitter or cynical

- know that I can make good things happen (and that it works) rather than waiting around for good things to happen to me (and that this has never worked)

- try every new experience that comes my way, even if I am scared or think I'll be terrible because that's really when its the most fun

- remember that everything is temporary, that everything changes and that all moments, good or bad, will eventually pass 

- know that I have so much more to learn, to do and to experience, that this is the end of the beginning and that the middle of the story is always where the magic happens



  1. Some great tips for living there, Lily - especially the not beating yourself up and striving to be kind. Hope 2018 is a corker for you! x

  2. Yeah I so agree with these. Life's too short to beat yourself up about things that, in the great scheme of things, don't really matter.

  3. I always like the thought that time passes anyway- this is comforting when things are bad, as you know it will finish, but also it makes you try to make the most of things as time is going by anyway so you may as well try to enjoy it all.

  4. Love this way of thinking! I might do the same actually! I'm going to change what I can for better, and not be too hard on myself when I can't.


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