Sunday, 14 January 2018

Life: January Wishlist

I have been saving recent pay cheques - the rent on my Dubai apartment is due next month (I'm actually going to be moving apartments too to add to the fun) and it is custom in this city to pay a year's rent upfront. Yes, that boggled my mind too at first. It's also meant that non-essential purchasing is temporarily on hold because, even as a thirty year-old I'm still not quite in tune with the concept of "saving for the future" and should probably have started thinking about this two months before I did.

Anyway, the requirement to cut back on the spending only means one thing: I want everything. Here is my current list of material wishes, with the caveat that i) possessions don't make you happy (but there's no harm in trying) and ii) I still have TWO pairs of unworn Louboutins languishing in the bottom of my wardrobe and should therefore never be allowed to shop again.

I am so desperate for a yoga wheel to counteract the (many) hours spent hunched over my desk and to complement Yoga With Adriene's True 30 Day Yoga Journey which I am (predictably) loving this month. In the spirt of over-achieving, I'm also running the Dubai 10k this month after barely running for a bus in 2017 and so definitely want all new gym wear to motivate me, this Sweaty Betty workout bra would be a good start. I ironically wear more black since moving to a hot country - the hemline on this Oasis dress is super cute. Living in Dubai means wearing sandals all year round so new Birkenstocks are needed as I forgot how comfortable they are and can't really face putting my feat through heel-wearing anymore. Denim skirts were my go-to as a sixth-former but 2005 was long enough ago that I finally (really, really) want to wear one again - this Topshop one in particular. In the spirt of channelling my inner sixth-former, I am obsessed with all things and cannot enter the Dubai Mall without browsing their wares (in Bloomingdales Home or Galleries Lafayettes) - this tote bag serves as a reminder to us all. The Ordinary products are my favourite and the minimalist packaging makes me feel like I have my shit together - the rose hip seed oil is lovely.

What's on your list?


  1. Oh I definitely need to get in to The Ordinary. I've heard great things about their products.

    I also have 2 pairs of unworn Louboutins so I definitely understand about not needing to shop haha

  2. I have never heard of a yoga wheel before (and at first I thought it would be 6ft high)- now I have googled it, it looks great.
    Paying a year's rent up front is really tough- good luck with the cut back!

  3. Anything from Lululemon to be honest... *sighs*
    I love the Ordinary :)
    And Birkenstocks!


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