Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Life: December Round-Up

Another month, and another year over. December has been quite nice. It's (relatively) cooler so I'm half enjoying adding "outdoor" before most everyday activities and half trying to not feel sad that the temperatures will soon be rising again before I've done even half of what I want to do. My struggle to live in the present moment continues but being able to run outside again has helped to sort through the mix of "end of year" feelings that you can't get away from despite being able to eat dinner on the balcony in December. This month, I think, has been one of my favourites.

1. My friend M came to visit for a long weekend - the views (and strong cocktails) 68 floors up at Weslodge made for a fun Thursday night, if not the low-key one I had promised.

2. Morning sunrises from my balcony. The start of the month was mostly spent marvelling at being able to go outside for more than three minutes without expiring.

3. Making plans for a new year - I can only commit to things if they're written down and Bando planners come with stickers, Google calander doesn't.

4. A boat trip to Moon Island where I snorkelled for the first time after a not small amount of encouragement and felt like I was in Blue Planet. Desperate to do it again.

5. Coffee at Depresso - came for the 'gram but definitely enjoyed every super sweet sip of this while walking along nearby Kite Beach.

6. Treating M to a 20p boat ride - definitely the best "budget fun" Dubai has to offer.

7. In the spirit of "make your own traditions" - a Christmas day sunset horse ride through the Dubai desert. I can't stop talking about this and blogged about it here.

8. That #RedCup shot - this update suggests otherwise but I've made a big effort to cut down on coffee and I think I feel better for it, or at least believe that I do (half the battle really).

9. Rupi Kaur's books - in contrast to my love of planners, I'm a Kindle devotee and aspiring minimalist. It takes a lot for me to buy an actual book but these are amazing and you already knew that.


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  1. Gahhh I'm so excited reading this knowing I'm actually going to be there this month!! :D Looks like you had a fantastic December. So much good stuff :)


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