Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Food: 7 Veggie Dubai Breakfasts To Try In 2018

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all.

1. Smashed Avo Toast at Tom & Serg

tom and serg dubai

The breakfast menu is available all day - Tom & Serg's most recent take on avocado on toast features goat's curd, watercress and a tamarind and black lime dressing.

2. Green Breakfast Bowl at The Sum of Us

the sum of us dubai

Another all day breakfast menu from Tom & Serg's sister cafe - the green breakfast bowl contains kale, halloumi, quinoa, almonds and a perfectly poached egg.

3. Avocado Toast at The Surf House

the surf house dubai

A Hawaiian-esque take on avocado toast with lotus root and edamame, just steps away from Kite Beach. Post-breakfast surfing optional.

4. Pancakes at Supernatural Kitchen

supernatural kitchen dubai

Banana pancakes with hazelnut chocolate spread and berry sauce - made from entirely raw vegan ingredients.

5. Avocado Toast at Common Grounds

common grounds dubai

Another all day option at another Tom & Serg offering - Common Grounds' smashed avocado comes with ricotta, lemon, coriander, sea salt and chilli flakes.

6. Poached eggs on toast at One Life Kitchen and Cafe

one life kitchen dubai design district

Poached eggs on toast with a side of avocado and the papers at this very friendly Dubai Design District cafe.

7. Avocado on Toast at The Sum of Us

the sum of us dubai

The Sum of Us's smashed avocado with chilli flakes, ricotta cheese and lime, topped with two poached eggs. 


  1. Avocado on toast is good for lunch (my opinion), but those pancakes look divine- that would be my pick!

  2. I've literally earmarked them all ;-) Going back over your Dubai posts for inspiration. I'M SO EXCITED :)


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