Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Life: October Round-Up

October marked eight months since I moved to Dubai and eight years since I started LilyLipstick. I can still remember setting up my Blogger account and tentatively typing up my first post - blissfully oblivious to everything that would unfold as a result of that, at the time, tiny step. Eight is the magic number for this month's round up, then. And here's to taking more tiny steps, every single day, because who knows where they will take you...

1. Brunching at home was back on the menu this month - avocado on a bagel with...eight pierces of halloumi. Possibly the only meal I made at home all month.

2. A new piercing (I went to Kyra in Dubai) for a false rook / Tash rook piercing (popularised by piercing goddess, Maria Tash). My tenth piercing in total and my eighth ear piercing - I'd wanted this one for a while but kept putting it off, even though I actually quite enjoy getting piercings done.

3. Jumping right on that Glossier bandwagon. It's not (yet) stocked here in Dubai but I would like at least eight more of their products in my collection.

4. A...lavocado and a lavender latte. My working hours have been obscenely anti-social of late but I try to take a bit of morning "me" time in the form of a slightly perfumed breakfast before eight A.M..

5. I signed up for a flower arranging class at Dubai Garden Centre and despite waking up in a less than completely positive mood, an hour of flower arranging (and a coffee from the adorable onsite cafe) and all was right with the world. Yes, I look eight years old here.

6. I might have been better at this when I was eight but it's hard to worry about the bazillion things you think you need to worry about with a colouring pencil in hand.

7. Eight delicious tacos at Muchachas - I'm not usually a "Dubai brunch" kinda girl but if it's by Tom and Serg and comes with tacos and bottomless margaritas then count me in...

8. A friend in town is the ideal opportunity to do some exploring. Dubai isn't much fun solo but with a friend in tow it's excellent - we visited the coffee museum and the rather low-key (entry is 60p) Dubai Museum. This is point eight, my imagination is failing me...

9. A quick trip to Abu Dhabi and the Yas Viceroy hotel. The hotel is built over the F1 track and watching the sunrise over it from the rooftop pool at 6am made me feel slightly better about my current terribly insomnia. Oh, and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has been held eight times.

November sees me head to India (eighteen months after booking the trip), eight years after horrifying my parents with a planned solo trip there. I'll be Instagramming a fair amount given it's my first holiday in over a year and I've sort of fallen in love with the platform again this last month, acronym be dammed.

Some reading material I loved this month -

Sophie's post ties right back in to my eight years of blogging - no I'm not blog famous or Insta-famous and this blog doesn't pay my bills and never will. And that's ok because it's brought me so much more than money and sponsored posts.

I've read this Man Repeller piece countless times this month. Haley's writing is always spot-on and this is my favourite article appeared when I needed it most. I'm digging a hole to plant a tree, even if it doesn't always feel that way.

I love R29's Money Diaries. How we chose to spend our money is complex and fraught with judgement. This round-up is so interesting. My own relationship with money is...something I'm working on, both in terms of how I spend it and how much it matters to me.


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