Sunday, 1 October 2017

Life: September Round-Up

I think the month just gone might have been my least prolific, blog-wise... Life wise, September was very lovely. I turned thirty and spent my birthday-eve drinking gin and Chartreuse cocktails and my birthday day eating avocado on toast. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Online life has taken a slight backseat - it turns out the best moments are not capable of being reduced to pixels and hashtags and 140 characters and don't need to be recorded for "later" because there's only really the present moment... That said, there is an avocado-on-toast-post in my drafts for when I, once again, feel like tapping words into this box.

Anyway, this was September:

Dubai expat life

1. I had some thoughts about eating meat again this month and then felt bad about thinking about it. Funny how what we don't eat ends up defining us... Anyway, I try not to think about things too much these days and this meat-free burger from Supernatural Kitchen was delicious (really!) regardless.

2. Playing with more of my Paperself tattoos. I'm too indecisive for a new tattoo and too irresponsible for a pet cat. So impressed with the staying power of these - it's that time of year where its still a little too hot to be outside but we're all got cabin fever so three showers a day it is...

3. Not my cat on the beach at Le Royal Meridian. She jumped onto my sun lounger and stretched out for an afternoon cat nap while I failed to read any more of my book. I finished reading The Blind Assassin this month (which swiftly finds itself in my list of favourite books ever - Margaret Atwood is a goddess) and can't really get in to anything else.

4. I'm slowly starting to enjoy the more "extra" aspects of Dubai life. The Candy Land pedicure at Kozma and Kozma was so much fun and my feet looked and felt very nice afterwards. Having sugar sprinkles dusted onto my feet didn't really feel that weird in the context of life lately.

5. If we're talking about "extra"... I finally went inside the Burj Al Arab for their Friday brunch on the day before my birthday. I got offered complimentary champagne and then ID-ed. The best 30th birthday present I could wish for.

6. Lunch at Zuma in DIFC - the black cod was amazing, as was the pink grapefruit vodka cocktail at lunchtime for this girl who is still disappointed that working life isn't a mix of Mad Men and The Wolf of Wall Street.

7. Showing off, getting my mother to be an "Instagram Husband" on the beach at Le Royal Meridian. I wouldn't really recommend doing yoga in a bikini in 40 degree heat but sometimes you need to get the 'gram and that's okay.

8. Birthday flowers from my friend, M. Grateful for all birthday wishes from near and far and for friends who co-opted my mother's limited suitcase space to get gifts to me. This birthday was genuinely one of the happiest I have ever had.  

9. Taking my phone into the sea for a snap of the Dubai skyline during the Golden Hour. I felt like "one of those people" until I looked around and everyone else in the sea had their phones in hand, too. Maybe I fit in here better than I thought I did.



  1. Happy belated birthday! Looks like September was good to you.

  2. I loved all your September snaps!

  3. Super impressive yoga pose there!

  4. The candy manicure sounds AMAZING!
    God you love such a colourful life - instagram-tactic :)


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