Monday, 23 October 2017

Food: Jolie Floral Cafe, City Walk, Dubai

Today's cafe offering may just be the cutest yet. As Elodie said when I messaged her a picture "it's so cute it looks like it could be in Korea!"- high praise indeed (and confirmation that solo brunch is much improved by a friend in a timezone a few hours ahead to chat with).

Tucked away in Dubai's City Walk development, it looks a little unassuming from the outside - I must have walked past it a few times (possibly en route to Sarabeth's) before my first visit, prompted by a "best avocado dishes in Dubai" article in Time Out.

I, obviously, only had eyes for the avocado on toast but there are salads, sandwiches, burgers and a very pretty afternoon tea offering. The "his and hers' burger duo that the next table were tucking into did, even as a vegetarian, look very delicious (although maybe that's just a sign that I should start taking iron supplements again).

Some Insta-worthy cafes are a let-down in reality (mentioning no names but we all know the places where we took "that" picture only never to return) but Jolie, I think, would be just as enjoyable for those who don't meticulously document every morsel that passes their lips. It's a little on the girlie side but the few "Instagram husbands" I saw on my visit seemed convinced once their food turned up that this place is not just style over substance.

The avocado on toast might just be the prettiest plate I have ever laid eyes on. It's also a very generous portion - no scrimping on the green stuff here. I might have already had my (supposed) one coffee of the day but I ordered the mocha la flora (they do it with soy milk, praise be) because it sounded...intriguing. I usually regret sweet coffees after a couple of sips but this was really delicious and the rose flavour wasn't overpowering. Top marks for presentation with the rose and mini-cupcake, too.

Jolie Floral Cafe
City Walk Jumeriah - details here 
And they're on Deliveroo here 

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  1. The rose latte sounds interesting- I do quite like floral flavours so long as they are not too overpowering- I am yet to be able to make things myself with lavender or rose water, so I am always tempted if I see something to give it a try.

  2. Adding to my list for January - it looks so adorable, and definitely instagram-worthy!

    C x | Say Hello


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