Friday, 20 October 2017

Crafting: Halloween Flower Arrangement in a Pumpkin

I love Halloween - quite a strong statement from a girl who is an active avoider of anything with a whiff of Organised Fun about it. I'm slightly sad that I left all my potential dressing-up clothes in London... why a Japanese schoolgirl outfit didn't make the cut of things to pack for Dubai is something I will forever wonder.

As a committed pumpkin carver, I thought this year I'd share something a little different - a flower arrangement in a pumpkin. Not only more Pinterest-worthy, it's also a lot less risky as you only need to make one cut with a knife rather than play a risky game of finger roulette...

I took a class at Dubai Garden Centre but this would be so easy to do at home, too. You will need: a pumpkin, a block of oasis, cellophane, a sharp knife, scissors and a range of autumnal-coloured flowers...

Start with the dangerous / gross part. Cut the top off the pumpkin and scrape out its innards. I picked a long, tall pumpkin to make the best "vase" but any will work. It's less dignified but more fun to use your hands to scrape out the insides.

Coffee on the side is mandatory to all crafting endeavors. Feel free to substitute with gin if at home, maybe after the sharp knife step is done?

Messy work done. Now cut a block of oasis to fit inside your pumpkin and wrap it with cellophane. Trim the cellophane as close to the pumpkin as possible.

Start with some greenery around the base, to cover the bottom of the oasis block. Then take your chosen flowers and arrange from the outside in. Use a smaller flower as "filler" to make sure all the oasis is covered. Pro-tips - use more flowers than you think you'll need to make the arrangement look really lush and full blooming, cut the stems of the flowers on the diagonal to create a sharp tip to stick into the oasis and, once complete, give the flowers a good spray with water to perk them up after the traumatic arranging process.

Done! Give your flowers a top up of water every day and the arrangement should last a good five days.

PS. Dress is from Oliver Bonas similar here (minus the print).


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