Tuesday, 5 September 2017

London: A Bouncy Blow-Dry at Rush, Shepherd's Bush

A good hair day fixes everything. Although in London, the weather is guaranteed to do its worst on a day that my hair gets the professional treatment. Case in point - hail in August.

I popped into the new Rush salon located by the West 12 centre in Shepherd's Bush - just opposite Westfield and on the way to the Shepherd's Bush Empire where I had an evening date with Conor Oberst. Convenient.

Having arrived in London at 8am after a (three hour delayed) overnight flight and almost OD-ing on Starbucks and Pret coffee, an hour's pampering definitely made me feel a little bit more alive and having a swishy head of bouncy curls made me feel less uncool opting to sit down at the gig (and having to grudgingly admit that I needed to put my glasses on to see the stage).

My stylist Eak took his time to get to "know" my hair (fine, lots and lots of it) and suggested a curled style which would provide the volume I need and not fall flat in the face of the British "summer". After a heavenly head massage my hair was speedily blow-dried and curled with straighteners (something I will never be able to master if I want to still possess fingers) before being pinned in place.

I flicked through a pile of magazines and maybe ate some Lindor chocolates (for "energy") before the curls were unraveled, gently brushed out and teased into a look that perfectly complemented my vintage-esque floral dress.

Thank you to Rush for my blow-dry, and to the British weather for managing not to rain once I'd left the salon...



  1. Looks gorgeous! I wish my hair would curl but it really doesn't. It will fall flat within an hour unless I literally cover it in hair spray (and then I get the oh so attractive straw hair look...).

  2. It looks so pretty! Love the dress too.
    I think curls look fab but my hair is so thick unless I want to go full 80's it just isn't going to happen!


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