Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Life: July Round-Up

July is always a favourite month of mine. Main highlight this year: a trip back to UK for two weddings (of the same friend), baking in my parents' kitchen to the chirps of our little canary bird (he's seven years old can you believe it) and a fair few G&Ts enjoyed under still-light-at-9pm skies. 

1. Blue skies after arriving at Heathrow at 7am. I had inexplicably booked a waxing appointment for noon.

2. The food at my friend's Indian wedding - for once not being the awkward fussy vegetarian.

3. Summer night skies at Sophie's house - she hosted a BBQ which was my first of the season.

4. My bridesmaid hair, I went to Academy in Welwyn where Rachel coaxed my super long but super fine hair into a braided bun.

5. Back in Dubai and amusing myself with Paperself temporary tattoos and avocado art.

6. Baking with mother - we made a chocolate and hazelnut loaf cake (this recipe) which smelled and tasted amazing.

7. The beautiful venue for my friend's civil ceremony, Mickelfield Hall. Would recommend if you're looking for wedding venues in the Hertfordshire / North London area.

8. Visiting my old neighborhood, just to check that everything's still ok.

9. I didn't get many pictures of my first foray into bridemaid-ing as the day went by in a flash so here's a selfie (Benetint on lips and cheeks) and a little glimpse of my bridesmaid dress (ASOS).

How was your July?


  1. Beautiful pictures, great to see this summary

  2. Just went straight to the Paperself site... how amazing are the designs?!

  3. Sounds like a lovely month, Lily. My month has been sent catching up with old friends, a surprise party and celebrating Bastille Day in...err...Nottingham because you can't be in Paris every year. Here's to an even better August x

  4. Your lashes in the bridesmaid selfie are insane! xx

  5. That avocado looks so delicious! And what a pretty temp tattoo.
    Looks like a fun July!

    Mine was relaxed, I'm just amazed at how quickly time is moving.

  6. Love the avocado art! And that hazelnut loaf looks amazing.


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