Thursday, 17 August 2017

Food: Where To Eat Vegan In Dubai

Dubai hasn't quite embraced vegan, or even vegetarian, eating like London has. When I first moved here I was a little disappointed in the lack of options for the sort of foods I favour - I eat vegan at home and as much as I can when out unless I really fancy poached eggs... I know, I know. London seems to have got its act together for catering for all dietary whims (although New York does it better still) whereas Dubai is definitely a little too keen on eat-as-much-as-you-can buffet style arrangements which is fine if you're here for a long weekend but y'know, I live here now. 

best vegan cafes dubai

I would happily move in to this "concept store" on Jumeirah Beach Road. The self-described healthy cafe is not all vegan but there are a lot of options and everything is so delicious. I love the avocado crostini and the almond milk matcha tea and the outdoor area is just so nice for a chilled afternoon in the shade (the beach is a five minute walk away if you're that way inclined but I'm still this pale for a reason...). Yes, it's a little over-priced but, hey, welcome to Dubai! 

best vegan cafes dubai

A more "hippie" rather than hipster take on vegan eating, Life N One feels like one of those village garden centre cafes I'd get taken to as a child only with a more "yoga" decor scheme. The menu is mostly raw vegan but they do sweet potato fries (#balance). I love the vegan sushi and the raw matcha donut is so amazing (if you love matcha - I do and it seems hard to find here). The bathroom wall says "you just have to trust that what you want is coming, and watch how fast it comes" which I like a lot.

best vegan cafes dubai

One of my favourite spots for brunch and somewhere that you will be dragged to if you visit because its a ten minute walk from mine. Again, not a vegan place but the avocado on toast here is possibly my favourite and the salads are amazing too. The white crockery is very Instagram friendly. Oh, and they do the best bread in all of Dubai (most bread here is somewhat thankfully Very Disappointing) and have bottles of balsamic vinegar on the tables which is something I don't realise I miss until I get to drown my food in it. 

4. Tom and Serg

best vegan cafes dubai

Tom and Serg were (maybe) the first ever hipsters in Dubai and they've now got a small empire of cafes around the city. The original Tom and Serg in Al Quoz is my favourite - my slightly difficult to please daddy loved it too despite it being down a alleyway behind a hardware store and the interior looking like the decorators gave up halfway through. The vegan veggie bowl is really good and the coffee here is the absolute best. Oh, and the staff are super cool and always compliment my outfits, maybe they do that to everyone but it makes my day regardless. 

Located in the Galleries Lafayettes food hall, I was so happy to remember the existence of this raw vegan counter when I was last in Dubai Mall. The menu reminds me a lot of Tanya's Cafe (a West London favourite) - definitely a good thing. The food is really creative - the vegan sushi I ordered didn't contain fish (well, yes) or rice but still had that authentic sushi taste. There are some very beautiful raw vegan desserts which I managed to resist on my first visit but seeing as I tot up 10,000 steps every time I go to Dubai Mall, I can have one next time.

More to come once it gets a little tiny bit cooler outdoors...



  1. I love balsamic vinegar- I would always have it as a salad dressing too.

  2. Oh yum, all these dishes are super instagrammable, especially the plate from Baker and Spice.


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