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Life: Apps To Help You Survive The Dubai Summer

Don't let the niche title put you off. My recent app discoveries aren't all Dubai (or summer) specific but in the context of "feels like" 50 Celsius temperatures, these apps have been making my life a little easier, maybe even enjoyable during what is our "stay indoors" season. While I've made watching all seven seasons of Mad Men a personal goal during this season, I've had to set a daily one episode limit and force myself to maintain some sort of productivity and not merge into my sofa come September so these apps can take all the credit...

Kate Spade case (similar) and my new Samsung S8 Edge - still unscratched and in one piece 

The Dubai equivalent of ClassPass, GuavaPass lets you book workout classes anywhere in Dubai / Abu Dhabi in just a few clicks. Filter it by area, time of day and activity to find something you want to book and get all the information on whether the studio has showers, provides towels and whether you need to bring along those grippy toe socks (or risk being charged £10 for another pair you do not need). The 4 classes per month package works out as good value compared to booking classes individually and I've discovered new studios that I wasn't aware of before that are only a five minute taxi ride from my apartment.   

Android here, iOS here.

Uber / UberEATS

Something you all know about anyway but if you are in Dubai I definitely recommend using Uber to get around in a slightly more comfortable manner than regular taxis and they have GPS so will be able to find that yoga studio and deliver you straight to the door with minimum fuss (and sweat). UberEATS get a mention for delivering my lunch from Circle Cafe on a daily basis and the occasional afternoon iced soy latte because a walk to Starbucks (basic caffeine tolerance over here) may be the end of me in these temperatures but a girl still needs iced coffee.

You have it on your phone already, right? Use my code lilys279 for money off your UberEATS order wherever you are.

Office Lens

A slightly geeky favourite of mine but Office Lens is such a useful app - whether you need to email someone a document or want to go paper free and have everything on your Google Drive (so no need to tear your apartment apart when you need to provide your National Insurance number or ask your mother to trawl through your home bedroom looking for your old P45). This app effectively makes your phone a tiny scanner and lets you crop and adjust documents and email them to whoever needs them or electronically file them away. A 50 degree weekend is a great time to scan some adult-y looking documents and expense receipts and then satisfactorily bin them all (of course after checking they've been successfully uploaded or emailed away). Ex-pat life has practically turned me into Marie Kondo or maybe I do just need to get out more? 

Android here, iOS here


I sort of wish I had had this in London but, then, I'm not sure if there was really any need given that I lived opposite a Waitrose. InstaShop lets you pick groceries from an Instagram-esque interface that are delivered from your nearest supermarket in around 45 minutes. You can order as much or as little as you like (subject to a minimum spend), paying by card or cash on delivery but I mostly use this app for emergency ordering the Diet Coke that I claim not to drink anymore. Unfortunately it does not deliver gin although if it did then I may never leave the house again.

Android here, iOS here.

Physique 57 On Demand

Not an app as such but another workout savior this summer. I love a barre class but they are super pricey over here (and pretty much everywhere actually) and, as previously addressed, involve going outside. I do one or two weekend classes in a studio but keep myself en pointe during the working week with P57's online workouts. P57's barre classes are super tough and the at-home workouts are no different, minus an instructor being there to "helpfully" move your leg to the correct but far more painful position. The workouts are handily split by target area and duration so I (rarely) have an excuse not to do nine minutes of arms and feel in awe of the superstar instructors before work or telling myself that I've earned a second hour with Don Draper... 

Available here, the first month is free (and you can cancel and not pay anything).

Any others I should add?

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  1. Ooh very intrigued by InstaShop - that's SO millennial but something I would so use as well hahah. It's perfect when you're impatient like me, ahhh. Also checking out Physique 57 fo sho! I need to get back into a ~healthy~ routine. These snackjacks aren't as healthy as I would like to think...


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