Thursday, 24 August 2017

Food: A(nother) Round-Up of Avocado on Toast in Dubai

Avocado on toast is back on the blog after an extended hiatus for Ramadan (when most cafes and restaurants were closed during daylight hours aka the only time to be taking Instagram photos), two trips back to the UK and 40+ temperatures. Sometimes, even avocado on toast cannot lure me outside...

Having a name like "amongst few" written in italic lowercase text must mean that this cafe is a hipster dream and, yes, it totally is. Located in the Palm Strip Mall, amongst few is a delightful spot for setting up for a few hours with a MacBook or, as I did, perching at the counter (a blessed joy for all solo diners not to be sat opposite an empty chair) partaking in coffee, avocado on toast and people watching. It's a popular spot with locals who all have better sunglasses, make-up and iPhone cases than I ever will. This plate was as tasty as it was pretty, I loved the addition of asparagus, feta, seeds and roasted baby tomatoes. Good coffee, too.

Vida Saturdaze

I visited this "Saturday Brunch" (the Dubai equivalent of a Sunday brunch in the UK) with my parents and any worries that it might be aimed at a younger crowd were unfounded. Billed as a chilled out, "hangover-curing", lazy brunch, I picked Vida because unlike most brunches in this city it actually serves brunch food. Are you confused, yet? At AED 139 per person (£29) it's good value for this city, especially as it includes one "brunch concoction" (i.e. a cocktail) and a buffet of granola, fresh fruit, salads and pastries as well as a juice bar. Tea and coffee is unlimited and there's a menu of brunch dishes to pick from - I obviously had the avocado on toast which was not most creative version of the dish but it was tasty all the same.

Clinton Street

I often go to this cafe after my barre classes because it's next door. The staff maybe recognize me, it's okay. The avocado on toast here was very green with a lot of rocket (/roquette if you shop in Waitrose) topping sourdough bread, chunky avocado and baby tomatoes. Very similar to the avocado on toast I sometimes make at home but with bottomless coffee which does not happen at home.


I've started a bad (for my wallet) habit of ordering lunch from here every day at work - yes, it's crazily expensive and portions are tiny but it's SO good. I credit their iced soya latte for me not treating my keyboard as a pillow at 4pm on a daily basis. Also, you can order by WhatsApp and the delivery guy brings a card reader to the office... obviously Dubai has not changed me at all. At all. The avocado on toast is on the small side but it's really good and along with a "raw vegan sweet of the day" makes me feel more virtuous than I ever deserve to.

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  1. If I have it at home I top the avocado with some sundried tomatoes, and maybe some fresh cherry ones if I have them in. The tomato + avocado combination is one of my faves.


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