Monday, 24 July 2017

Recipe: Zaatar Manakish Brunch Pizzas

zaatar manakish brunch pizza

Brunch and pizza in the same post title? You're in the right place. I wanted to expand my baking repertoire beyond loaf cakes (here and here if you're looking for inspiration) and luckily stand mixers are more than up to the task of mixing a bread dough with minimal mess and fuss using the bread hook attachment rather than the whisk.

For my first foray into bread-making, I used this Jamie Oliver recipe. With only three ingredients and no proving time it couldn't have been easier, even for a novice bread maker (use a lot of flour on your work surface and rolling pin, especially if its a super hot July day).

These would be perfect served warm with dips. The unevenness just adds to their charm! I had other plans for mine though, using them as the base in this recipe. Zaatar is a new discovery for me since living in the Middle East - a very basic description would be to say it's like an Arabic pesto but the flavours are predominately thyme and sesame. It's purchased as a powder and you can mix it with olive oil (or water) to create a paste which can be spread on flatbreads or used in any Middle Eastern inspired dish. 

After baking in the oven, the flatbreads crisped up nicely - I used feta cheese which didn't melt but complemented the zaatar perfectly. Topped with a fried egg and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and you have the perfect savoury brunch - definitely a change from my beloved avocado on toast.

Are you a sweet or savoury kinda brunch person?



  1. Oohh yum, these look amazing! I'm here for all types of bread.

  2. These look absolutely fantastic and so delicious! I LOVE savoury breakfasts like this.

    xo Jaime

  3. Ahh this looks really tasty. Love the flatbreads as well. I'm not usually a big bread fan but do love a flatbread to dip into hummus.

  4. They look fantastic- I love flatbreads with a nice dip , especially hummus, but the cheese and zaatar combo looks fab too.


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