Saturday, 1 July 2017

Life: June Round-Up

We're at the halfway point of the year, this one feeling like the fastest yet - maybe because every day is a variant of "hot, sunny", maybe because it's been six years since life stopped being cut up into terms and breaks, maybe because I'm living somewhere where I'm yet to put down roots, yet to scrawl a friend's birthday drinks or a long-planned catch-up into my diary (I still tote around a Filofax like I'm worried I'll forget to go to work tomorrow if I don't). This time last year was marked by the literal heart-wrench of Brexit, a crystalised moment at 3am when the sky outside was already getting light. This time this year every week feels a little like the one before it and I wonder if the monotonous hum of adulthood has finally settled on me or if this is just a blip, brought on by forty-degree plus heat and a belated realisation that I've left behind everything and everyone I know for a still unknown quantity.

Next week I am travelling back to London for a fortnight and I can't wait to trade blue, sunny skies for familiar grey ones (my Instagram grid may suffer, I'm ok with that), to go places I've been countless times and to see people who have known a variety of past versions of me. And to drink a decently mixed cocktail because my limited experience with Dubai's bars has me believe that no one here knows how to make a Negroni...  

For now, this was June:

1. Ramadan started at the end of May, finishing this weekend just gone. The inability to drink coffee in the mall was counterbalanced by a quiet peacefulness and a chance to think about giving to those less fortunate (a suggestion). 

2. This is Dubai so, shopping. I've actually been pretty restrained. Non-permanence still pervades all my decision making so I mostly buy skincare on the basis that it is small and gets used up. Also accessories, also small. 

3. Sunset in Burj Park waiting for the firing of the Ramadan Cannon. Sometimes in Dubai you can feel like you are "anywhere". Anywhere being a mix of Riyadh and Las Vegas, or a mix of Wall Street and Singapore but during Ramadan I've really felt like I'm here, and that's been nice.

4. More skincare purchasing - living in a country with Sephora is a blessing and a curse because you will find yourself thinking that a spatula to apply face masks with is "essential"and realising as you type this that it's still in its packaging.

5. The biennial (?) M&M general election poll which always seems to tell some truths. 

6 and 7. Ramadan has meant attempting my own brunches at home. I only sacrificed the tip of the nail on my left index finger in preparing the avocado. Peak millennial moment. 

8. A weekend in the desert at Bab Al Shams which I wrote about here. Would 100% recommend if you live in Dubai or if you've visited before and want a difference experience.

9. My new notebook makes me feel less cynical and I had a revelation that making coffee at home costs about 20p. There ended my daily pre-work coffee shop dash for a £4.50 takeaway soy cappuccino.

How was your June?


  1. Looking forward to catching up with you - not long!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. I think the whole one year on since Brexit has been particularly depressing, as things just seem to get worse and it seems harder and harder to imagine that it won't actually happen. June was busy- busy at work and busy at the weekends (mostly in a good way). Enjoy your visit back to London!

  3. Lovely post. I need to get back into skincare, I've been really wanting to make an order from the ordinary.

  4. Looks like a fantastic June. Hope you had a nice trip back to London :)


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