Sunday, 11 June 2017

Travel: Five Destinations On My To-Go List

In 2016 I crammed in a personal best for trips abroad. In hindsight, I'm glad I made the most of having a passport that (for now) still has "European Union" emblazoned across it. From travelling the length of Vietnam in a fortnight to hopping across to Denmark for the sole purpose of going to Legoland, I took it as a compliment when friends complained (or delighted) that "you're always away!".

The whole "packing up my life and moving abroad" thing has somewhat scuppered this year's travel plans. I have two "holidays" back in London which I am already beyond excited about - the weather will probably be grim, I will be freezing regardless but I can't wait to catch-up on all things cultural that I definitely miss here and also reacquaint myself with The Pub (maybe it'll be warm enough to sit outside?).

Here's where I want my next passport stamps to be from (please also throw in unlimited Airmiles and unlimited annual leave):

1. Mumbai, India

Image credit: The Incredible India.
 I am actually going to India later this year to do the Golden Triangle but after reading Shantaram and Midnight's Children I decided that I need to go to Mumbai too.

To do: Visit the Gateway of India, visit the Haji Ali island mosque, shop and bar-hop in Colaba, feast on vegetarian food without having the constant "does this have meant in it, though" feeling.

2. Austin, Texas
Image credit: Adriene Louise.
I did promise myself that I wouldn't be visiting the US until after 2021 but Austin, TX really does seem like my dream city. My experience of the US so far is limited to NYC (a few times) and Las Vegas (one time) and, recent politics aside, I would love to see more of this vast and varied country.

To do: Tick off the last festival on my list, SXSW, visit Austin City Limits, take a yoga class with my favourite person on all of the internet, Yoga With Adriene, check out Austin's thriving vegan food scene.

3. Amman and Petra, Jordan
Image credit: globe.travelpix.

Amman and Petra are around four hours apart by road but it makes sense to combine the two into one trip - a contrast between a buzzing capital city and the heritage site at Petra sounds like the perfect holiday to me and a totally different side of the Middle East to the slick new-ness of Dubai.

To do: Visit the citadel and Roman theatre in Amman, eat falafel, take the ultimate #doyoutravel Instagrams in Petra at the Bab Al Siq (it was good enough for Indiana Jones).

4. Salalah, Oman 
Image credit: Anantara Salalah.
With a flight time of less than two hours from Dubai, Salalah in Oman looks like a universe away from the high rises and glitz of Dubai. I'm planning on heading here for a weekend of doing...not much at all.

To do: Watch the sunset over the Arabian sea, read a book, have a cocktail. Repeat.

5. Tokyo, Japan
Image credit: Hansyhobs.
This one is a bit of a cheat, as I have already been to Tokyo but it was ten (!) years ago and I was on a somewhat smaller budget and only had 24 hours in the city which I don't even need to say is Not Long Enough.

To do: have a drink (vodka tonic) at the New York bar in the Park Hyatt, see the sakura blossoms, re-purchase all my now-depleted Japanese beauty products, visit the cup noodle museum in nearby Yokohama.

What destinations are on your wishlist? 


  1. I would love to go to Petra - it looks like the most amazing place!

  2. I love to travel! Moving house last year meant our holiday budget is a bit smaller for this year, but it never hurts to have a list. Japan, New Zealand and also somewhere in South America is on my list- have not researched enough of that yet to see which country fits the bill.
    And yes, I love my European passport too.. :(

  3. Oman is so high on my travel list. I really want to go. I also have Casablanca on my list - it's meant to be lovely.


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