Saturday, 3 June 2017

Life: A Few Of My Favourite Links

I've read a lot of articles lately that I've immediately sent to a friend, to my mother or saved on in my bookmarks. The internet is full of passionate, talented and hilarious female writers right now so today I'm sharing my favourite reads of late - my virtual scrap book of pages to read, re-read and share:

I made avocado on toast at home for the first time and it was a revelation. 

1. Millennials and Property

You don't have to search far for articles on millennials and the property ladder. Buying a home is out of the reach of a lot of young people and the factors are more complex than our penchant for avocado on toast and flat whites. I know I am very much one of the "lucky" ones but seeing more years on the mortgage statement than you have so far been alive is a sure way to turn your dreams of becoming a yoga instructor or taking six months out to travel the world become just that. Unless you're a cash buyer (hahahaha) then your home isn't "yours" anyway - it only will be one day if you're able and willing to keep earning the salary that got you your mortgage approval in the first place. This article totally hit the mark - home ownership might seem like the end game but don't forget to live along the way (and, spoiler alert, it may not make you a better person or make it easier to get out of bed in the morning anyway).

2. The Joy of Being Unhealthy

I ran 3.5km at the gym this morning and can tell you that my lunch contained 311 calories. Have you died of boredom yet or do would you rather finish me off first? As a teen my idols were Kate Moss and Brody Dalle - they sure looked like they were having a good time, I doubt they were eating much kale or sleeping for eight hours a night. Teens today have the clean eating brigade and tee-total YouTubers to glean inspiration from. This may not be a bad thing as vodka and Marlborough Lights are y'know, bad for you, but when I think of my own show reel of favourite memories? They were not fuelled by coconut water and Deliciously Ella energy balls (which, full disclosure, I enjoy making but eat them with an "unclean" coffee or chemical-filled Diet Coke). My friendships have been cemented and strengthened by sharing a bottle of gin, getting locked out of a house party while smoking Vogue Menthols on the doorstep and by baking and eating entire trays of "slutty" brownies. Being healthy is great but we sometimes need to remember how fun being unhealthy is.

3. Man Repeller - Hayley Nahman's Writing

I love everything about Man Repeller but Hayley's writing draws me to the site more than the fashion pieces (neither budget nor occasion for, sadly). Hayley is one of those writers who makes every word count, who writes like she is sending me (just me!) an email, who can make me feel goosebumps with her words or make me laugh into my hands at my desk. Her writing makes mine feel like magnetic letters on the side of a fridge but I love her regardless. Her post on body acceptance is raw, real and will make you feel better after an unflattering dress gets stuck on your head in a store changing room with a broken air-conditioner (pro tip: slide your bra off while praying that you don't rip the dress and have to pay for it). Her post on moving to New York is one I read again and again because it's actual poetry. 

I have made no secret that I love Refinery 29's money diaries. There's something immensely gratifying about getting a snapshot into a stranger's life and nothing will reveal more about a person than how they chose to spend their cash. I've been inspired to write my own and to keep a better eye on my own spending but also to come to terms with the fact that I'll never spend Sunday evening preparing lunches for the week ahead, that spending the equivalent of a mini-break on coffee annually kind of sort of does spark some sort of fleeting happiness and that I fall firmly on the "spend" side of the spend/save divide. A new diary popping up on the home page is a joyous occasion, to be slowly devoured before going back to whatever I was meant to be doing. Reading these is also an interesting insight into American life and the comments sections are enlightening, too. 

As a (not quite reformed but slightly improved) shopaholic, I fully support the benefits of retail therapy. Tired? Stuck in the office late? Hungover? Sad? Feeling existential dread? There's an online purchase for that. Post Marie Kondo and minimalism we are supposed to believe that material goods do not bring happiness... I think that actually just means that you haven't quite found the right item, or combination of items. This article may help to find it and will at least give you major US shopping envy. I mostly just want a Sweetgreen and an Anthropologie to open up in Dubai, pretty please.

Share your favourite links below, please! 


  1. I am a full-on addict of the Money Diaries. I have pretty much gone through their entire back catalogue now. Lunchtime reading binges.
    Yeah owning a house ("owning"...OK having a mortgage) isn't that great but it does provide a bit more stability and knowing you always have that chunk of cash if you ever need it squirrelled away in something so tangible. But yeah, it doesn't equate to happiness or life success.

  2. That money diary website is amazing! More procrastination here I come!
    Having a mortgage is stressful but I always that if I was paying rent I would not get any of that back whereas at least with the mortgage if you sell up you can get it back. But I know so many people who are renting- I think it is becoming more of the norm again.

  3. I blame you for my R29 Money Diary obsession! Some lovely reads there. x

  4. Going to read some of these today! Not a written piece, but my go-to is always a talk by Tavi Gevinson:
    So annoying for someone so young to be so wise, but she's wonderful!


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