Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Baking: Mary Berry's Banana Loaf

Another bake today, putting my stand mixer to work on one of my family's favourite - we've made Mary Berry's banana loaf countless times before but using good old elbow grease (what a weird expression - mine are a bit on the dry side) and a wooden spoon. It's an easy recipe with no strange ingredients - you probably have all of the baking bits in the cupboard and there's always some bananas going brown in the fruit bowl.

This time, the mixer did all the hard work and the resulting loaf came out lighter, fluffier and more evenly baked than when mixed by hand. Do some dancing or go for a walk while it bakes to make up for the energy not expended battling wooden spoon and mixing bowl. Mary's recipe should be followed to the letter, it goes without saying. For a little twist, pop an extra banana on top which will bubble and caramelise as the loaf bakes or throw a small handful of hazelnuts into the mixture.

Serve with a nice cup of tea (we all could do with one right now) and eat as is or spread with butter, nut butter or (as here) some mixed summer berries. The loaf can be frozen (cut into thick slices first) if it isn't all consumed in one day.

What is your go-to baking recipe?


  1. This looks so delicious- I love banana bread and at the moment use one from the CCC cake book. I'm still loving my raspberry loaf topped with melted white chocolate at the moment- with a few strawberries on the side- so summery.

  2. Ahh so cool t put a banana in it! I do quite like banana bread, which is odd for me as in general I'm not a huge banana flavour fan (I do like bananas though).

  3. Oh it looks so good and yummy. I have a lemon drizzle cake which I love baking as my go to.


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