Monday, 1 May 2017

Life: April Round-Up

A third of the way through 2017 already? Sometimes I want time to slow down just a little, to have more time, for certain memories and experiences to not now be five, six, ten years ago. The rest of the time? I'm waiting to tick things off my list, waiting for the weekend, waiting for future diary dates to be tomorrow, willing time forward, tutting in traffic jams and running across roads, too impatient to wait for the "green man". 

After listening to S-Town while walking along dusty roadsides, at the gym and as an inducement to finally fold away some laundry the mottos from the sundials stuck in my head: "life passes like this shadow", "use the hours, don't count them" and "it's later than you think". If you haven't already, go listen - it definitely gave me a lot to think about. Time for a look back at April...

1. Sunset on the beach at Talise Spa after beach yoga. Some days I feel insufferably smug (although no more so than today when I ordered Uber Eats while walking home and it arrived at my door at the same time I did).

2. Peacocks at Dubai Zoo. 

3. Madinat Jumeriah is one of my favourite spots here. I got very lost and ended up hopping on a boat to get to beach yoga on time. Casual. 

4. A beach day at The Kempinski on The Palm. I'm not much of a beach person but wanted to "treat myself" (ick) in a way that didn't involve buying material possessions or eating my entire day's sugar allowance.  (I must be slowly assimilating to Dubai life as I only half-blinked at the note on the website that you are permitted to bring one nanny with you, gratis). 

5. The views from La Ville Hotel's LookUp bar. There are not a shortage of rooftop bars here but in a city where I'm still trying to find bar-hopping buddies I very much enjoyed these views with a vodka-lime cocktail in hand.

6. Breakfast at Cereal Killer Cafe in Dubai Mall because I miss East London a little bit. Good coffee and a childish morning sugar rush for one, please.  Sweetened cardboard is a venerable treat as a grown-up.

7. One of my favourite chill-out spots, Comptoir 102. I'm much more of a "sit on a shady sofa with a coffee" kinda girl than a beach lover, which is fortunate as I'm very pale (still).

8. The Green Planet is an indoor rainforest in a glass tube. Take the lift to the top and walk down through the forest. I mostly went for the sloth but it was (unsurprisingly) having a post-breakfast snooze on the forest floor and the many competing captions for my Instragram picture that I wrote in my head went to waste.

9. A typical Dubai day. These photographs of miniature art at City Walk provide (cute) social commentary on Dubai life.

Happy 1st May and Bank Holiday in the UK, you lucky lot. It's getting hotter by the day here but that means that we are getting closer to my parents' visit (maybe they can show me how the dishwasher works?) and my "summer holiday" to London. 

How was your April?


  1. I loved the green planet so much when we went there. It's such a remarkable place.

  2. I've heard so many good things about these cereal cafes. My dad saw one in Birmingham as well. I actually don't like cereal (cold and soggy...) but I've seen some crazy cool things on Instagram which shows it to be basically pudding so I'm sure I should check it out at some point. To go in for a bowl of cereal though would not rock my world.
    Also, are there Cheesecake Factories in Dubai? I think I heard this somewhere. If so, this would be game over for me. It is a dangerous dangerous place...

  3. S Town was so good. Do you ever listen to Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin? He interviewed Brian this week and it was very interesting to hear him talk more about it.
    That rainforest in a tube sounds brilliant.

  4. Comptoir 102 looks incredible! My list of places to visit in Dubai keeps getting bigger and bigger - thanks, Lily!

    - Elodie x


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