Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Fashion: The Instagram Hat

I have secretly wanted an "Instagram hat" for a while but a trip to Forever 21 (while clinging on to being 29) only yielded hats proclaiming "beach sleep repeat" and "hello boys" - relatable and / or appropriate? Not really.

The next day an email from Joanie popped into my inbox, a brand that so far has never delivered me a dud or unflattering item, and I snapped up the appropriately-named Sonny sunhat. The hat is the perfect floppy sunhat that I pretty much need to wear on a daily basis in Dubai to keep my pale and interesting skin tone, the words are actually sewn into the hat rather than being "written" on and the slogan is hard to object to, really.

Paired with this Oasis dress and a Marc Jacobs clutch I premiered here. The hat may say "catch some rays" but I'm definitely seeking the shade until the temperature starts to drop (so...October?).

In case you were wondering, this isn't sponsored by Joanie - I bought the hat and my mother hand carried it on the plane from London so that it wouldn't get squashed in a suitcase. 


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  2. It looks so cute on you, Lily! I LOLed so hard at that first paragraph. Constantly feel like that with the majority of clothes that pop up in my feeds ... I feel like I'm getting too old! Love this hat (and the slogan).


  3. I love it, and you look great with it! I secretly want an instagram sunhat too but like you say, none of that 'boys are fun' slogans for me hahaha. Love that your mother hand carried it too....


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