Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Food: Another Four Plates of Avocado On Toast

Did you know that a London restaurant has banned avocado from the menu? I'm going to let this news story shock and sadden me because the actual news is just too dire to think about these days. Anyway, back to brunch - four more plates of avocado on toast for your viewing pleasure and brunch inspiration:

1. The Coffee Club

the coffee club dubai

The Coffee Club is an Aussie chain - I actually remember going to one in Darwin, Australia and being scandalized that a coffee and panini was the equivalent of £10 and that was long before The Dramatic Decline Of The Pound.

There's a branch opposite City Walk and I shakily walked here after a barre class at Physique 57 on a very hot afternoon in need of air-conditioning and coffee. The Coffee Club is an upgrade from Starbucks type establishments as there's table service and a proper food menu but the interior does feel a little chain-y. The avocado on toast is actually poached eggs with avocado - avocado is not the star of the dish but it's there under the ciabatta toast. These poached eggs were actually perfect with bright runny yolks. I go through phases where I like eggs and phases where I think they are creepy but I'm eating them occasionally these days as a girl cannot only eat tabbouleh and hummus.

2. Common Grounds

common grounds dubai

Sister restaurant to Tom & Serg (aka OG Dubai Hipster Cafe), Common Grounds is located in the Mall of the Emirates but it really does its best to not feel like a restaurant-in-a-mall. Avocado on toast is on the all-day menu so there's no need to get up early to enjoy it. The poached eggs are an add-on and I'm glad I got them as it would be been quite a small meal otherwise - portions in Dubai are very variable, some are on the small side and then you order a wrap which turns out to be bigger than your forearm... Common Grounds is always busy but has a welcoming stay-as-long-as-you-like sort of atmosphere which I love.

In a city with so many dining options I'd rather find welcoming places to return to than always going somewhere new as it definitely helps with feeling settled. They also do matcha lattes which are hard(ish) to find here.

3. BookMunch Cafe

bookmunch cafe dubai

My book club appropriately meets here and it's the cutest spot. Located in a more residential area the prices are really reasonable (by Dubai standards) and it's the sort of place where you can happily order a full meal or just a coffee and feel welcome. Even though my book club meets at dinnertime, I still ordered the avocado on toast. A welcome two slices of rye toast topped with feta and basil leaves were a tasty accompaniment to a couple of hours of literary chat and it's definitely a spot I'll be back to between book club meetings as the breakfast menu looks great.

I'm currently refusing to buy a coffee maker for my apartment as the lack of caffeine at home means I can't stay indoors at the weekend and it's far more enjoyable to read in a cafe than at home with the distractions of wifi and wondering whether I should clean the kitchen.

4. Roseleaf Cafe, Dubai Garden Centre

roseleaf cafe dubai garden centre

I don't have a garden but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a garden centre. Dubai Garden Centre feels like a piece of my native Hertfordshire just off of the Sheikh Zayed Road. I actually came here for a cat adoption event but that's a story for another day (short version: commitment issues). The Roseleaf Cafe is like the cafes that my mother used to take me to as a child when I'd have a milkshake or a cookie but now I'm the grown-up and sugar is evil so I order a soy cappuccino and avocado on toast and sit in the sunny conservatory trying not to think about the kitties upstairs. The avocado on toast here tasted as good as it looked and the coffee, as you would expect from an Antipodean-inspired cafe, was strong but smooth and sipping it out of a vintage cup in a garden centre made me feel sort of ok about this being a grown up / making decisions lark.

I'll definitely be back for the coffee, and possibly for a kittie but that, my friends, is for another day.

What are you brunching on? And what item would you ban from your menu? 

For me it would be spring onions / red onions / any sort of raw onion.



  1. You're love of avocado is strong! I don't think I've ever had actual avocado on toast...scandalous I know ;-) I'm a big fan of dirty fry-up which could be why!

  2. I'd ban raisins and any other dried fruit - yeuch.

  3. I think I'd ban coriander- it's OK in very small doses but I hate it sprinkled over everything in an attempt to make things look fresh. The one with the basil leaves looks the best to me.
    I've never ordered avocado on toast when I have been out- I am more inclined to choose the French toast or pancakes, plus I don't really like eggs and often it comes with eggs, or chilli flakes. I have it at home sometimes though.


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