Thursday, 13 April 2017

Shopping: 4 Pairs of ASOS Sandals To Buy This Weekend

Minimalism. Cost-per-wear analysis. Work suitable attire. Saved for later. Sometimes you just need something silly, frivolous and impractical. The impulse buy. The item for the life you want to lead and not the one you do. The possibilities of a new purchase and the girl you will be with that item in your possession. The promise that you'll break to "definitely send it back"

Here are four shoes to make you smile, all available on ASOS, all of which I would be impulsively adding to my basket if I could work out how to get things delivered to my apartment. 

* Not sponsored by ASOS, just some shoes that made me smile because it's been a long week (but a long weekend is coming!). 


  1. You've GOT to buy those conversation ones - they're ace!

  2. That second pair is so, so funny! Definitely a cool statement piece!

    - Elodie x


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