Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Food: Four More Plates of Avocado on Toast

Other brunch dishes are available.

Four more avocado on toast reviews today, either to bookmark for future visits to Dubai or just for your viewing pleasure if you're reading this on packed public transport to or from the office. If you're wanting a break from that, you know where I am. 

1. Baker and Spice

Baker and Spice has previously won the title of Time Out's "Best Cafe" and Deliciously Ella visited for breakfast on her trip to Dubai. Located in Souk Al Bahar the outside seating area by Dubai Fountain is really lovely and for a moment I felt like I was in Venice (or maybe I was remembering the Venetian in Vegas as I've never actually been to Venice) and not somewhere that didn't even exist on my first visit to Dubai. The avocado on toast here is touted as being organic and locally produced. The plate which arrived almost looked to perfect to eat with its swirl of balsamic and a sprinkling of seeds and spices. The bread was so delicious here, maybe there's something to this organic business after all. The coffee was very good too despite not having chocolate sprinkles on top of the cappuccino which is maybe passe now anyway (but I like it).

2. By Parker's

Those of you who knew me back in 2012 (collect your medal from me next time you see me) when the world was a nicer and simpler place know that I love a treasure hunt. When I heard about By Parker's hiding keys to their restaurant I actually did stop what I was doing (I had a day off so no one objected) and headed to Dubai Mall to hunt down a key using the restaurant's Instastories to help. A metaphor that describes how happy I was doing this features an animal beginning with "P" that can't be mentioned in the Middle East. Key in hand I headed to the second floor of the mall and made it just in time for the brunch menu. The avocado on toast at By Parker's comes with an egg cooked to your liking (the brunch menu is very egg-centric). Staff are super-friendly and the vibe is very chilled, orders are placed and paid for at the serving counter and the interior of the restaurant really could be a park-side cafe rather than a corner of the world's largest mall. At the time of my visit there were no barista-style coffees on offer but there now is which means I must go back - once you've found a key it's yours for the keeping! 

3. Circle Cafe

Tucked away next to the Waterfall in Dubai Mall, Circle Cafe wouldn't look out of place in Paris with it's white decor and understated chic. The outside seating by the Waterfall is bright and airy despite giving me a disconcerting feeling in the way that loud rushing water is prone to do. The avocado on toast here is served with rocket and chilli making for a very green plate. It comes on either sourdough or a toasted bagel. I wanted the bagel but part of being an adult is choosing what you think will be the better for you option while wondering whether all bread is evil regardless. The sourdough was very nice actually and I liked the large chunks of avocado which I'm sure tastes nicer here than it did back home. I will definitely be back to Circle for a chilled out lunch as it's a little oasis away from the crowds of Dubai Fountain and the busyness of the mall and the backstory of two friends founding the cafe gives a nice personal touch amid the (mostly American) chains in the mall.  

4. Comptoir 102

Another Dubai cafe featured on Deliciously Ella's Instagram, Comptoir 102 is located on Beach Road so it's a short taxi hop away. A five minute walk from the beach, Comptoir 102 has such a lovely chilled out vibe - there's a store selling all those things that you don't need but suddenly want when you see them and a healthy cafe. The whole venue is beautiful and my brunch here was the start to the first day when I actually felt like I was fully enjoying Dubai life and managed to switch my brain off from the whirring of "new job, new apartment, new city" thoughts. Comptoir 102's avocado toast is from the lunch menu but it's available for order all day, I can totally eat salad at 10am after finally shaking off my sweet tooth but I'm already planning a return visit for the actual breakfast dishes. The macadamia sauce hiding underneath the avocado makes this dish so delicious and unique, despite already eating seven other plates of avocado on toast they have all felt like totally different meals. I paired it with a matcha latte made with almond milk for the necessary morning caffeine as I can't get on board with almond milk in coffee. I didn't feel at all rushed to leave or pressured to order more to justify my spot and when you're solo in a new country that is exactly what you want from a cafe.

What's your brunch dish of choice? 



  1. I'll never get bored of avo on toast!! These all look delicious and I have food envy now! I actually don't go out for brunch enough... but when I go on maternity leave I think I may end up eating this for breakfast lunch and dinner (maybe I'll shake it up with eggs or salmon for some variety, heh) xx

  2. I have to say, I'm very much in a fry-up brunch kind of camp. Give me bacon and black pudding and I'm a very happy girl. That said, the avocado on toast from By Parker's looks really good. Very heaped.
    Is chocolate on a cappuccino out of fashion now? This saddens me.

  3. That first plate of avocado on toast looks so, SO good! I'm drooling...

    - Elodie x



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