Thursday, 20 April 2017

Fashion: Insta-Outfits - Workwear

Long, long time no outfit post. I used to share a lot of mirror outfit snaps on Instagram before it became all thematic and editorial. I guess I lost my nerve in sharing something as #basic as what I'm wearing and my love of clothes somewhere along the way. 

I went on a huge shopping trip for new work wear back in London and since moving here I've, for the first time in years, managed to dodge cakes, biscuits and chocolate with (almost) complete ease which has meant that a few dresses which had mercifully buried themselves in the back of my wardrobe have re-gained their place at the front. Also the light in my new bedroom is A+ and I bought this Ikea mirror even though there's an almost full length mirror in my bathroom.

It was a choice between getting my feet and head in these shots and I chose my shoes because my face (and hair) looks the same every day. My office style has not changed a lot since I started work but I'm starting to gravitate away from florals and bright colours and opting for a palette of blues and greys and cleaner lines - banishing bow details, skater dresses and accessories.

ASOS Wiggle Dress (similar) that I bought ages ago and then saw Kate Garaway wearing it on Good Morning Britain (that's unfair, seeing Piers Morgan ruined my morning far more). Shoes from Karen Millan which I wore to my undergrad graduation and then never again.

Dress from Joanie (now £20), shoes from Antoine and Lili - the cutest shop on the Canal St Martin in Paris and wearing these makes me want to do some kind of tap dance. Being in a hotter climate doesn't change my office attire much other than not even being able to think about black opaque tights and being able to wear shoes which would be ruined in 5 minutes in London.
My actual favourite dress but the worst to photograph (typical) - from the Oasis Prince's Trust line (similar) and shoes by Rupert Sanderson (a bargain in the Selfridges sale but with fragile leather soles). 

We have a sort of casual Thursday (our Friday) but I'm wary of wearing something too girly or vintage-y to a corporate office (lessons have been learned). Swing dress is from Phase 8 (similar) and Duo sandals.
Another Oasis dress (similar) and my low-heeled Louboutins (do not mention Theresa May). Oasis are one of my favourites for work wear - just on the right side of smart. 
Has your work styled changed? I'm still insanely jealous of all of you who work in more creative / relaxed environments and don't have to worry about weather something is "work appropriate" although I couldn't put it better than my own work dress code: If you are worried as to the appropriateness of attire it is probably not appropriate. 


  1. I love Oasis clothes for work - such good quality without being too expensive. I just wish they could actually manage to deliver to my address (every order has gone missing so far!)

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  2. I try to adapt my personal/off-work style into work, which means: still being able to wear color (! v important for me as I can't stand all black outfits hahah), incorporate interesting layers and textures. We have a 'dress for your day' policy so if I wanted to I could technically get away with wearing jeans and sneakers. But I try to keep it a bit more exciting, I enjoy wearing jumpers + smarter trousers and some nice shoes (never heels though) or midi skirts now that the weather is slightly warmer over here :)

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

  3. I love that wiggle dress!

    I really need to invest in some decent work clothes now I'm back! x

  4. You look gorgeous in all those dresses!
    At work I tend to wear quite casual stuff. I work in IT and with a bunch of men who wear t-shirts and jeans so basically anything goes. I've managed to avoid leggings so far though but my resolve is slipping....

  5. Love your style!! That wiggle dress is so pretty and flatters your figure so much

  6. Can't beat a good outfit post - you look great in all of them, particularly that wiggle dress - love the caption too.

  7. That black lacy-type dress is so pretty. I'd hate to have to dress smartly- I think I would opt for trousers and tops the whole time. Luckily because I work with young children it's fairly relaxed (you can't sit on the floor in a nice dress and heels)- plus in the winter you have to wear many layers as we spend a lot of time outside.

  8. That first dress looks amazing on you! I can't believe it's ASOS - I thought it was LK Bennett! Perfect for work.

  9. Loved all of those, Lily! The first dress looks incredible on you!

    My style has definitely changed since freelancing. I may or may not have swapped my jeans and blazers for PJ bottoms a few times since... Haha!

    - Elodie x

  10. I love all these dresses, especially that black skater one, lovely! I love Oasis for work, such good quality clothes that last really well, their knitwear in particular is fabulous. I often struggle with their dresses as I'm tall and curvy and it often makes them so short that they're not office appropriate!


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