Monday, 20 March 2017

Food: Recipe - Spring Smoothie Bowl

Long time, no recipes but Florette have recently brought out a range of smoothie mixes to make mornings a little easier. All you need is a blender and some fruit, fruit juice or milk of your choice and five minutes to throw everything together for a nutrient-packed breakfast that you can take with you - much better for you and your wallet than a coffee grabbed on the way into the office.

The packs contain a mix of salad leaves and a sachet of seeds so rather than just adding in a handful of baby spinach you're getting a whole mix of nutrients and no chopping, washing or fuss first thing in the morning. The smoothie mixes are high in Vitamin A and Folic Acid and using just half a pack will have you on your way to however-many-a-day we are meant to be getting and that's before you've added the fruits and toppings. 

On the weekend, making a smoothie bowl is just as easy but ultimately more Instagram-worthy and the toppings are definitely the best bit - I find adding a bit of crunch and different textures makes a smoothie so much more satisfying and its a great way of sneaking in even more nutrients. With spring coming it's maybe time to take a break from avocado on toast and go for a cool, creamy smoothie eaten with a spoon from a cafe au lait bowl.

florette salad smoothie mix recipe
Bowl: West Elm
For my pink smoothie just blend together:

Half a pack of Florette Superfood Smoothie Mix
Half a frozen banana (makes the end smoothie so much creamier)
A handful each of frozen strawberries and raspberries
One cup of non-dairy milk (almond is my favourite for smoothies)

Once blended, swirl in your bowl with some non-dairy yogurt and add your toppings. I added baby figs, a superfood nut and fruit mix and a swirl of chocolate sauce (cacao powder blended with melted coconut oil).

florette salad smoothie mix recipe

What are your favourite smoothie creations?

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS. that is the most gorgeous smoothie bowl I've ever seen! I absolutely fresh figs but it's not something I have unless I'm out. I really need to change this!

  2. That looks so pretty. I love having something like this in the summer with a bit of muesli and some fresh fruit added to the top.

  3. Ohh it looks just gorgeous! x


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