Thursday, 2 March 2017

Life: February Round-Up

A month of two halves, if ever there was one. The first half spent reminding myself why I love London - and how much easier it is to when you don't have to go into work. Throw in the best of friends, favourite haunts and ticking off a list of new openings and you have the perfect combination for not wanting to be anywhere else. 

The second half of the month? Add twenty celsius to the thermometer and the start of life in a city that's only ever been a holiday destination. Dubai is now home and where I need to find my favourite spots for coffee, G&Ts, yoga classes etc. to really make it feel like one. Add in the start of a new job, the ever-present internal reminder that "first impressions count" and the slightly annoying way that the Monopoly money of my last visit has now become cold hard cash that disappears all too quickly... Oh, and the need to maybe make some friends as what is city life without a squad to take it with and maybe it could be overwhelming but we all know I'm at my happiest when I have five-thousand-and-one things on my to do list. One of which is writing a proper post on my move but for today, this was February...

1. Eliza and I attended our second Morning Gloryville and it was a total joy. If you're ever feeling jaded of London life then, really, a morning rave with restore your faith in the city and the coffee is great.

2. The opening day of Do Ho Suh at Victoria Miro, an exhibition that is as thought-provoking as it is meticulously crafted. Closes 18 March. 

3.  Seeing my favourite musician, Conor Oberst, play at the Palladium. Seventh time's a charm and his on-stage banter was as on point as the songs from his latest album.

4. Working my cat lady librarian look in Fitzrovia outside of someone's charming green door.

5. Visiting Honey and Co. for brunch with the best blogging girls.

6. The new(ish) Design Museum in Holland Park - it's new home is perfectly fitting for the exhibits inside. 

7. Sir John Soanes Museum in Lincoln's Inn. It's only taken me nine years to pop in to this complete treasure trove of a house and it was worth the wait. If you haven't been, you are in for a treat. 

8. Trying out an aerial class at Flying Fantastic as a reminder that my upper body strength is pitiful. I've crossed out 'running away to join the circus' as a life option.

9. Where The Pancakes Are in Flatiron Square - I rarely pick sweet brunches but these vegan berry pancakes were perfection. 

1. Dipping my feet in the pool at the Dusit Thani - Dubai is not short of hotels and this one is perfectly located if (like me) you're more keen on city than beach life.

2. The world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, still doesn't quite seem real despite seeing it every single day (it's hard not to).

3. A familiar sight in a new town - Boxpark Dubai comes with a backdrop of the Burj.

4. Snails by Cracking Art in Burj Plaza, an evening of finding Dubai-based Instagrams to follow led me to discover these despite the internet seemingly having no information on them.

5. I'm still new so I'm always looking up as I walk home from work (no one else walks here so there's no danger of me bumping in to anyone). The architecture here seems to mix that from every city I've ever visited, and some that I have yet to.

6. Our friend the Burj again while talking a weekend walk around Downtown Dubai while its cool enough for me to get in my 10,000 steps outside of a shopping mall.

7. Yes, there is culture here. A full post on the Al Quoz gallery district is to come soon, it's on my list.

8. The Dusit Thani from the outside while musing that window cleaners must never be short of work in this city.

9. Time Out Dubai is my weekly go-to for adding destinations to my starred Google map of the city. Tub of Butter's coffees dusted with faces of the great and the good could not wait, a full write up of their brunch is, you guessed it, on my list but for now a coffee dusted with Obama's face can't not be shared. was your month? 



  1. Blimey, you're now in Dubai? Can't wait to hear the full story of this - must be terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

  2. Definitely 2 halves! Hope it's going well with your new job and it sounds as though slowly but surely you're finding all the fun bits of Dubai. Happy Hunting.

  3. I'm still not over the Conor Oberst jealously! Sounds like life has been chaotic but exciting for you this last month! x

  4. Ahh thats so exciting! I'd love to really explore Dubai, can't wait for your thoughts on living there!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Wow, how exciting! And that coffee is amazing!

  6. Wowza you're living in Dubai!? That's amazing! Look forward to hearing more...

  7. That Honey & Co brunch tho! Hope all is well!

    My Sentimental Heart



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