Saturday, 4 February 2017

Life: January Round-Up

I said as a new year goal that I wouldn't dread things I had no control over and January turned out to be a pretty good month while I type this my own month pales into insignificance against recent events. I rarely struggle to find the words but now is one of those times. This link and this link are ones that you may already be familiar with before I delve into a look back at January (which was neither dry nor vegan and that's ok):

1. A walk around the neighbourhood - still love these "ugly buildings" (I don't live in this one don't stalk me).

2. Bouncing around at Oxygen Freejumping - I remembered how to do a "seat drop" which is cool because I can't remember what I did last week.

3. A symmetrical bus journey home.

4. Dinner at Pham Sushi - chirashi bowls are usually the least wallet-upsetting way to enjoy sashimi.

5. Got my hair cut by Lisa at Jones and Payne, happy days to have actually long hair again.

6. Lunch in the sky at City Social. The food looked like works of art but I didn't get any photos because I was there in my "actual adult person" guise.

7. Popping in to see Sherlock Holmes (we didn't talk about season 4). The Speedy's Café is an actual greasy spoon (do people even say that?) on North Gower Street.

8. Finally made it to Kerb at the Gherkin for vegan rendang from Makatcha Eats.

9.  The St Pancras Grand in the winter sunshine.

1. Accidental shopping and an apt message on inauguration day (👗ASOS).

2. Kon-Marie-ing unearthed some hidden gems like this NSFW American Apparel dress (which left glitter all over my flat, no complaints).

3. Hosting my annual indoor picnic (no dining table life) with some Scandi eats.

4. Falling Shawls at the Southbank Centre.

5. Walking past the derelict Shredded Wheat factory in Welwyn Garden City, reminiscing about break times as a child and the smell of shredded wheat in the playground.

6. Winter Lights at Canary Wharf, absolutely freezing but really worth seeing.

7. Visiting Battersea with my mother, trying to make her a cat person one day. How adorable is this five-month old kitten?

8 - 9. A quick trip to Brighton for one night of sea air and blustery walks.

How was your January? 


  1. I've been wanting to go to like a trampoline place for ages! There's one opened up near us and I definitely need to go one day!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. What were you doing in WGC? That's where I live now- I walk past that building on my way into town or to the station!
    I am glad January is over now- as always it felt long and gloomy once all the Christmas lights were taken down. I'm going to Brighton at the end of Feb- looking forward to the blustery sea air!


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