Monday, 16 January 2017

Life: Odds and Ends

Things that don't fit anywhere else but that I want to write about anyway. Instagram themes be dammed.

Over Christmas I attempted some cooking (this is not a usual activity for me) and the obvious choice was to make this sleeping rice bear with an egg blanket. The lack of expensive unpronounceable ingredients and the way the video made it look so easy was as appealing as the super cute end result. In reality, it was a little harder because no one told me you should wet your hands before handling sticky rice but lesson learned (not sure what sort of future sticky rice encounter I am envisaging though).

sleeping rice bear
Before being covered with the egg blanket.
sleeping rice bear
The final result. Tasted good but don't expect me to make this for you if I invite you round for dinner.
After eight years of hoarding Mac make-up I finally got round to doing a back-to-Mac (disapointed that it's not "bac-to-Mac" really) and was rewarded with a new Russian Red lipstick. I'm trying to hoard less and did have second thoughts about giving up the Cyber lipstick which I bought in Macy's on my first trip to NYC in 2008 but these thoughts are the top of the slippery slope ending with a future appearance on "Extreme Hoarders".

The old make-up has gone to a better place.
Empties! I used to love doing these blog posts but this isn't really a make-up blog anymore and I worry (seriously) that a full-on make-up post would sit right with the rest of my ~content~. I am slowly getting through my product collection. As I turn 30 this year I'm going to spend some dollar on new skincare to preserve my youth for as long as possible. Otherwise I'll commission a painting and hide it in my parents' attic, it may be cheaper.

Special mentions to the Korean "cheese" cleanser and the black sheet mask.

For a brief moment while writing this I felt like I was back in the 2009/10 glory days of blogging. Now off to worry about my Instagram "grid" and worry about why I am worrying about it when I probably have something important I've forgotten to do.



  1. That bear is so cute! Although it looks like a pain to make. I see some cool pancake shapes sometimes, where you drizzle the batter in certain ways, and then I remember that I can't even flip a round one very neatly, so I leave it!

  2. That rice bear is INCREDIBLE!! I've never seen that before haha! Layout is looking amazing :)
    Lauren xx
    Elle Bloggs

  3. I was reminiscing one when posts rounding up the value of your 'face' both skincare and/or make-up used to be a thing the other day, aaaah 2009!


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