Saturday, 7 January 2017

Life: Hello, 2017

A little belated with this post but I spent so little time online over the festive period and could only start thinking ahead properly once the decorations had been put away and January started to feel like it was really here. And once I had re-watched Sherlock as I feel asleep watching it on New Year's Day.

My 2016 best 9 - 358 days left of 2017 to capture 
I'm not one for giving up things that I enjoy but I have got a little better at moderation. I no longer drink five cans of Diet Coke each day so "giving up" something that occasionally gives me joy (and wakefulness) seems like more effort than its worth. Weekdays are sometimes often dull and if a 4pm  Diet Coke or coffee run perks you up then it doesn't need to be deleted from your life.

Resolutions are also pointless if they don't stem from what you really want. You don't need to lose weight or go to the gym every day or quit sugar or become a vegan unless you actually want to. Last year I said I'd go on at least one date but I took no steps towards this happening because I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than meet a stranger and attempt to make conversation. Failing at a goal that you never really wanted to achieve feels pretty pointless because how mad at yourself can you be about something you didn't care about in the first place?

My 2017 aims stem mostly from my experiences in 2016 and should make my life more fun, less fretful and I'll still be able to join you for a gin, a coffee or something sugary:

1. Only keep things that are useful.

I recently cleared out six bin liners of rubbish and two bags for the charity shop from my tiny flat. Magazine clippings, cheap costume jewellery, outfits to fancy dress parties I'll never get an invite to. Souvenirs that I can't remember the origin of their purchase, clothes from a shop beginning with P and ending with -rimark. I found things I didn't even remember buying. Things that I think I "need" but already have. It all felt slightly embarrassing and chucking it all felt like throwing that money away for the second time.

2. Limit my consumption of news.

I spent most of 2016 reading the Guardian website and too much of my downtime with BBC News 24 playing in the background. Rolling news is somewhat of (an extremely dull) guilty pleasure of mine for what I think is its soothing repetitiveness but the constant barrage of news is probably making me feel more anxious than the sense of "being in the know" that I think it gives me. Don't shoot the messenger here but 2017 isn't going to be much more joyous news wise than 2016 was and we maybe all need to step back a little from the noise.

3. Plan meals and enjoy cooking.

I know, again. But the period around New Year where I drank Starbucks Doubleshots and ate hummus out of the container (while making two indecisive trips to Tesco Express each day to purchase said items) made me realise that I need to plan ahead with what I'll eat and maybe learn to cook myself simple meals. I'm 30 this year and my lack of domestic skills isn't cute and funny anymore. If I find a way of making cooking enjoyable then you'll be the first to know (making this every day isn't going to happen, mind).

4. Limit the dread.

I always say that January is the worst month but it deserves its twelfth of the year as much as any other month does. Let January live. And February while we're at it. As mentioned I turn 30 this year and I am half dreading it and half in denial. I can't say I "embrace" getting older because I love being young but there's nothing I can do about it so anything other than calm acceptance of the inevitable seems like a waste of energy. At least they'll be gin. Lots of gin.

Smaller goals include ~ learn how to lift weights at the gym ~ limit my eye rolls when people suggest I join Tinder ~ read more non-fiction ~ make it to 8 years of blogging in October ~ allow myself to "do nothing" occasionally ~ resist all urges to chop off my long-again hair ~ learn how to make a killer St Germain martini ~ remove all traces of "sorry" and "just" from my vocabulary ~ finish Infinite Jest on my Kindle

Do you make resolutions? 



  1. Love this post! So true that setting goals you want to achieve is so much better than ones that you think you should be doing!
    Elle Bloggs

  2. I think these are all great resolutions - I pretty much want to do all of them too, definitely cooking and sorting food out - I'm so bad for just eating Pret way too often!

  3. I don't really make resolutions- I might have things I am working towards, but I would rather live in moderation all year, than have a feast or famine style approach.

  4. Love these resolutions. I'd love to start really enjoy cooking my meals too!xx

    Lucy x |

  5. Happy 2017! I'm with you on the rolling news thing, and good luck with Infinite Jest! x

  6. Such great resolutions, Lily! I usually make some myself, but nothing really major. One of the things on my list this year is "learn how to do your eyebrows better or find someone to do them for you." I mean... It's not like I'm going to save the world in 2017, is it? 🙈

    - Elodie x

  7. I love this, taking pleasure in the little things every day can only be a good thing!

    Maria xxx

  8. These are some pretty solid goals! Also, "I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than meet a stranger and attempt to make conversation" you are my kinda person, I feel you so hard on this haha!

    Jane/ deluminators

  9. These are such good goals! I might pinch some from you as I got very complacent last year, failed to declutter at all and I've let Jon do most of the cooking for the last few months too. I also agree on reducing the news exposure (I've also got an unhealthy addiction to the Guardian website) as it's just depressing...
    I'm also trying to work on that turning 30 dread! I have to say, each of my friends who has passed that birthday has said they're thoroughly enjoying their 30s so I'm hopeful it really is just a number! xxxx


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