Monday, 2 January 2017

Life: December Round-Up

Guys....we made it. 2016 is over. It always feels strange looking back at December in January when the decorations are still up but we feel compelled to make a 180 shift from chocolate chips for breakfast to #cleaneating while waiting to spot the first Crème Egg on the shelves. At least there are some things we can be sure of as we take a tentative step into a brand new year.

The final twelfth of 2016 looked like this:

1, 3, 7, 9 - #REDCUPS. Part of me is actually quite sensible (really) but its nice to feel like an extra in an episode of Black Mirror, standing on the street in close proximity to your workplace  trying to get a good angle of a hot cup of coffee for social media likes.

2 - Abstract Impressionism at the Royal Academy (closes today).

4 - Ice skating at the Tower of London. 99% of me hates being outdoors in the cold but a yearly skate is essential (closes tomorrow).

5 - Morning Gloryville at Oval Space (full post coming soon).

6 - Lights of Soho - I always pop in when I'm nearby (good coffee too)

8 - Flay laying a giant biscuit, a gold ring and my glasses because this is what became of blogging in 2016.

1. Another coffee. I actually didn't subject my body to any of the Christmas coffees because part of growing up means that my tastebuds find them offensive.

2. Visiting Hip Chips in Soho - 2016 in restaurant form. Full post here.

3. Bruch at Granger & Co - always a delight to go somewhere where I struggle to pick a dish because they all sound so good.

4. Christmas jumper day wearing an H&M sweater.

5. An Anna Laurini work on Clerkenwell Road.

6. My Secret Santa gifts from Elodie. The yellow-covered book is extremely dirty, read at your peril (I'm not that easily shocked I am not exaggerating).

7. Signing up for a month's unlimited hot yoga at Fierce Grace was the best December decision. Much needed warmth and my favourite yoga studio in London.

8. Carnaby Street decorated for Christmas.

9. Tea and cake at The Delaunay - whatever pop-ups open in 2017, this and it's sister restaurant The Wolsely will always be favourites for their tip-top service, old school charm and (discreet) celebrity spotting opportunities.

P.S. Don't talk to me about Sherlock as I may have done a "2014" yesterday and slept for the middle hour of the episode.



  1. The red cup designs are very pretty. I sometimes get a gingerbread steamer (as I don't like coffee, I love gingerbread and find the hot chocolates a bit too sweet usually) to fully enjoy the red cup experience!
    Hot yoga sounds lovely- the class I have started going to has heated floors and I love to get a mat on the warm bits.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Yeah I'm with you on the non-Christmas coffee, but I do love the red cups. I'll always love Starbucks first and foremost and begrudgingly get Costa when I have to.
    Love your Christmas jumper as well!

  3. So many red cups! But hey, it's only Christmas once a year, am I right?

    - Elodie x


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