Saturday, 14 January 2017

Fashion: (Optimistically Early) Spring Wishlist

So it's not quite spring yet but a new year and a new set of Filofax inserts to fill with plans has me wanting new clothes. I'm very much bored of the jewel tones, sequins and black I've worn since November but it's somehow much, much colder than when I felt enthusiastic about wearing winter clothes. My current shopping might be restricted to window only after giving my tiny apartment a very thorough Kon Marie-ing and resolving (not for the first time) to think very hard before adding any more material objects to a small space and to my conscience but this small edit might just make it into my newly-organised closet:

Denim smock dress - ASOS; "Don't Look Back" dress - ASOS; Grey fluted sleeve jumper - Miss Selfridge; Blue striped fluted sleeve shirt - M&S Limited Edition; Pink fluted sleeve jumper - M&S; Tie front top - Miss Selfridge
Simple smock dresses to wear anywhere, anytime - with tights and boots now and bare-legged later. The "don't look back" embroidery has surely been designed for Instagrammers and their "Instagram husbands" and I'm probably too old to be drawn to it but it's cute and it's message has never felt more needed. Now is all we have. 

Fluted sleeves inexplicably appeal to me despite knowing that combining them with short arms, an over-use of hand gestures while talking and occasional blips in eating in a ladylike manner is surely a recipe for disaster. I discovered some barely worn jeans lurking at the back of my wardrobe (they had the grace to keep themselves hidden away while I gained and then lost a few pounds) which I never really had tops to wear with so this tie-fronted one will do nicely.

Now, let's pretend that spring is around the corner and that coats and gloves will soon be banished to the back of the (meticulously organised) wardrobe. 


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  1. I can testify that the pink jumper is an investment worth making! xx


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