Monday, 30 January 2017

Food: Gousto - Vegetarian World Flavours

One of my new year's resolutions is to cook more and try to enjoy it but in the midst of a Kon Marie clear-out I found an almost full cupboard of out of date ingredients. That bottle of orange essence for the one time I made truffles, almost-full containers of spices for recipes which only required a half teaspoon of turmeric or ground ginger. I'm never going to be a regular cook as my routine is far too sporadic but when Gousto got in touch it felt like the perfect opportunity to flex my cooking muscles.

Gousto vegetarian

Gousto delivers just the amount of ingredients required for each recipe and the site is really clear as to timings and nutritional information for each recipe. If like me, you are lacking in the kitchen department (this is my kitchen) then you can work out from the ingredients what equipment you need if (like me) you don't have a proper oven. The recipes do require a store cupboard ingredients like oil, salt and pepper.

Gousto vegetarian

I'm vegetarian and below are the choices for the week I ordered, six to choose from but once I'd discounted the pasta dish (possibly not great value for money) and the hallomi sandwich (definitely requires an oven) I opted for the freekeh, feta and roast grape salad as this is the type of dish I'd definitely order in a restaurant and the Keralan coconut egg curry as something new to try (and very likely a test of my skill level).

Gousto vegetarian

Two recipes for two people costs £27.49 so  £6.87 per meal.  I found the portion sizes to be very generous and as a girl who lives solo I could definitely make each recipe stretch to three meals rather than two. Compared to eating out or getting Deliveroo or a takeaway it's definitely much better value for money and also much healthier as all the ingredients are fresh and there are no mystery nasties. You can check out the nutritional information for each recipe when making your choices, some of the recipes are quite indulgent but there is a "low calorie" tab to make choosing easier (calorie-counting child of the 90s here).

Gousto vegetarian

The recipes were very clear with illustrated steps. I am not a confident cook so I found that each recipe did take me longer than the stated time (45 rather than 30 minutes) but this was due to my slow chopping of ingredients and looking for a piece of foil (found in my manicure box from when I used to get gel nails). The cooking timings were absolutely spot on and its clear the the recipes are well tested and properly thought through rather than hastily put together. If you are a more regular cook and have basic kitchen and store cupboard items then you'll be fine! The pictures showing the steps and finished products are really helpful, so many cook books don't seem to even have pictures of the finished dish.

Gousto vegetarian

I loved both of the dishes I created and, yes, they did taste better for making them myself. The dreaded washing up was minimal and I picked up some tips for future cooking attempts (oven roasted grapes are amazing in a salad and this is the first time I've boiled perfect eggs). Waste is minimal due to only being sent the exact qualities of food for each recipe and the packaging can either be recycled (the cold items come in a sheep's wool insulator which is fully compostable - duly given to Daddy Lipstick) and the ice packs and small plastic containers are re-useable.

Gousto vegetarian

If you want to try Gousto and get your first box free than enter my code FRESH3 on Gousto's website. This week's menu looks so good!

*My Gousto box was provided free of charge but all opinions (and cooking) are my own.


  1. I like that they come with pictures of the finished product- I really don't like cookery books that don't include pictures as I like to know what I am aiming for. I've never heard of roasted grapes, but I suppose you roast things like cherry tomatoes so I can see why they would be good. Something to try for the future!


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